College Town 2008

From Friday night entertainment, to learning how to do that pesky load of laundry, consider this special section a survival guide for getting through that college transition.

Studying abroad offers lifetime lessons

Traveling to another country can enhance a degree's value and change world views.

Bands, bowling and billiards give students chance to unwind without breaking bank

Find a few ideas of what to do when it's time to take a study break

Alternative Spring Break tackles social, environmental issues

The organization sends teams of students to do service projects in areas affected by social or environmental issues across the United States.

MU’s Writing Lab adds depth to prose, papers

Hire your own, free editor through the lab or help improve other's writings.

Sororities provide early chance to mingle

Getting involved in the Greek program at Mizzou might seem somewhat intimidating considering the large number of students who rush each year.

Fraternity recruitment happens all year long

Rushing for a fraternity may be a little less formal than women going through recruitment for a sorority. Fraternities recruit a large majority of prospects through informal recruitment.

Volunteering offers 'real-world' lessons

There are a number of programs available through the MU Offices of Service-Learning and Community Involvement to engage you in volunteer and service learning.

Getting around Columbia, the easier way

So you've made the move to Columbia. Now you need to figure out how to move around the city to get where you need to go. Here are some helpful tips for drivers, bike riders and bus passengers.



Get in the Game

There is good reason to get a seat in Memorial Stadium for the 2008 football season. With last year's Border Showdown victory over rival Kansas, the Tigers were No. 1 for the first time in 47 years.

Leadership class builds qualities that future employers want

In the summer of 2007, Janai Norman, 19, learned about a relatively unknown leadership class at MU called the Chancellor's Leadership class.

Safe ride programs let you drink, someone else drive

To help combat drunken driving among students, the CHEERS and STRIPES programs were created.

(Not so) friendly competition

Intramural sports offer students the chance to be college athletes without the time commitment

Work Studies earn students cash, experience

Federal Work Study is federally funded and designed to give part-time employment to undergraduate and graduate students who need the income to help them meet the costs incurred during their education.

Religious groups give new students support

Campus community offers student organizations for many different faiths.

Take time to think when picking a major

Students have until the end of their sophomore year to decide

Learning to budget is fundamental skill

Discipline is key while managing money

To separate or not separate whites, darks in laundry loads

Bleeding colors giving you the blues? These tips should squelch any washer woes.

Cut, style or trim: a 'do for every budget

One thing people don't usually consider until it's too late is: Who's going to cut/color my hair now that you're away from home?

College stress is inevitable, but can be made better

Homesickness is a major issue for students starting college.