Prosecutors urge death for videotaped sex slayer

They said Richard Davis is a rapist whose crimes have spanned two decades and become more intense over time.

Space capsule on display in St. Louis

Rescue ranch tends horse that was dragged behind four-wheeler

The bay fox trotter was injured near Ironton.

Boy, 13, dies after injury playing catch

He was struck on the neck, below his ear, and collapsed.

Westmount Neighborhood Association discusses sewers, trail and merger

Yowling kitty saves owner from fire

Boo Boo's 97-year-old owner was going to put out the noisy puss so she could get back to sleep. And then she realized something was wrong.

Tip letter in missing-person case considered bogus

Jefferson County authorities say a letter claiming information about the whereabouts of a pregnant Pevely woman is bogus.