Edwards wins fourth Sprint Cup race

Columbia native Carl Edwards does his trademark backflip off his car after winning NASCAR's Sprint Cup race at Sunday at Pocono Raceway. It was Edwards fourth victory of the season, and it lifted him from fifth into third place in the point standings.

Edwards won his fourth race of the year after usng an "alternative" racing strategy when rain started on lap 127 of the 200-lap race.

Benefit for Warren aims to unite members of black community

While protesters voiced anger outside the walls of Second Missionary Baptist Church, other members of the black community gathered inside the church for a fundraising benefit.

Late beginner a first-rate competitor

Randall Olson, 60, traveled 6½ hours from Norfolk, Neb., to participate in the State Games of Mid-America. He competed in 10 events this weekend and placed first in most of them.

Analysis: Gubernatorial candidates describe Medicaid as health care or welfare, depending on their stance

Democratic gubernatorial candidate plans to restore health care cuts, but Republican politicians have described it as an expansion of the welfare system.

Part 1 of 4: Gaining strength nationally

Women's wrestling was first added to the Olympics in 2004. Missouri Valley College started a team in 1999 and two other Missouri colleges will add teams this fall.



International war crimes arguably most important since Nuremberg

In memory of a son, money raised to build a church

Sherryl Laws and a team of 10 are going to Romania to work on the completion of a church in memory of her son, Scott Laws. The project has been under way for 17 years.

Lacrosse rivals meet again at Show-Me State Games

The same two teams have vied for the gold medal every summer lacrosse has been held at the Show-Me State Games.

Steeplechase participant qualifies for State Games of America

Amanda Lee of Lincoln, Neb., traveled to Columbia to compete in the State Games of Mid-America.

Golf tournament allows parents and children to enjoy time together

The Show-Me State Games tournament allowed parents to teach their children about the game.



Volunteers along the Mississippi begin tearing down sandbags

The quickly erected walls against flood waters have become bloated, smelly eyesores for some communities.



Police search for victims of serial rapist

Man says he attacked 32 women in the Kansas City area as part of a 2006 plea deal. Now, police are looking for the victims he claims to have raped.

Basketball commissioner gives back to Columbia community

David Johnson, commissioner of the pee-wee basketball tournament for the Show-Me State Games, doesn’t just helps out at the games; he has a history of helping out his community through basketball.

Historic black enclave celebrates its past

As the last person born in the historic black enclave of Pennytown, Virginia Huston has spent much of her life working to preserve the history of a community founded in 1871 by a freed slave.