MU art teachers show off creative abilities

The Columbia Art League’s new gallery showcase represents the artwork of Mizzou’s past and present professors.

Switching back to paper ballots for elections

The number of registered voters in jurisdictions that will rely mainly on electronic voting machines has fallen from a high of 44 percent in 2006 to 36 percent.

Bidding starts anew for Air Force tanker contract

At stake  is a $35 billion deal and thousands of jobs.

Incumbent legislators did well at the polls

Only one of the 134 lawmakers seeking re-election was defeated.

Woman robbed at gunpoint by acquaintance

The woman met the man at a small social gathering and left with him in his car. And then, police say, he robbed her.



What the November ballot will look like

Now that the primaries are over, it’s time to turn toward the general election on Nov. 4. These are the races that will be on the ballot.

Officials urge tougher exotic animal laws

Two tiger attacks this week occurred at two different Missouri facilities that had been cited before.

Page, Kinder are nominees for lieutenant governor

Both easily win their primary elections.

Sikeston considers targeting saggy pants

The City Council will discuss changing the law to make drooping drawers indecent exposure.

Moderators named for presidential, vice presidential debates

Gwen Ifill of PBS will moderate the vice presidential debate in St. Louis.