‘Missouri Through Lens and Palette’ juxtaposes paintings, photos

The exhibit in MU’s Museum of Art and Archaeology juxtaposes paintings from the past 100 years and post-1948 photographs from the Missouri Photo Workshop. The exhibit was timed to open just before the Missouri School of Journalism’s centennial celebration, which began Wednesday.

MU alum Russ Mitchell discusses his broadcast career

Mitchell, who has anchored and reported for some of CBS News' top shows over the past 17 years, will take part in the President's Roundtable at 1 p.m. Friday.

Missouri grad Hoffman credited with CNBC turnaround

Mark Hoffman will be part of the "President's roundtable" at 1 p.m. Friday in Jesse Auditorium. The panel will discuss how communication is changing in the era of digital media.

Higher retail prices for meat expected

Steeper increases in the retail prices of beef, pork and poultry are forecast for the next five years in a new report from the MU Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute.



Columbia student gets perfect score on ACT

Benjamin Heider is one of eight Missouri students to achieve the highest possible score on the national administration of the ACT, a national exam often used in college admissions.



Man pleads guilty to taking fish eggs from Table Rock Lake

A former Shell Knob man said he harvested the eggs at his home and sold the resulting caviar in Tennessee. Prosecutors say he sold about 387 pounds of caviar for at total of $35,820.

UPDATE: New group is rival to Missouri Right to Life

Missourians United for Life is making endorsements and political contributions to candidates, many of whom have been frustrated by Missouri Right to Life.



LETTER: Chris Kelly, the man with a plan

Chris Kelly, who is running for the 24th district seat, represents fairness and progress in Jefferson City.

UPDATE: Ladue woman's killer at risk in prison, expert says

An expert defense witness said during a sentencing hearing that Jerry Buck Inman would likely be killed if he were allowed to mix with other inmates because of his sex-related convictions.

St. Louis Co. man pleads guilty in armored car theft

Eugene Ford faces sentencing in November for helping plan the theft of an armored car in Farmington in 2006.

Thieves targeting catalytic converters

Thieves in the St. Louis area have been breaking into vehicles to steal the devices, which contain expensive metals such as platinum.

Officer finds Cape Girardeau man hanging in holding room

Lawrence Adolphe Thompson III was involved in a single-car accident and was being held on pending charges of driving while intoxicated when an officer discovered his body hanging in the holding room.

Kansas City World War I Museum displays replica of German U-boat

The model will boost an area of the museum that had previously been lacking.

St. Louis boxer arrested on traffic violations, cleared in altercation charge

Middleweight boxer Cory Spinks was cleared of allegations he had an altercation with a woman after surveillance video showed he was shopping at the time.

Former Branson mayor Lou Schaefer dies

Schaefer served from 1995 to 2007 and oversaw major development for the town