Attorney general, governor debates carried online

Follow the debates for attorney general and governor with us online Thursday afternoon.

MU linebacking corps filled with promise

While MU linebackers Brock Christopher and Sean Weatherspoon have received most of the recognition as returning starters, Luke Lambert, Will Ebner and Andrew Gachkar have been instrumental in making the toughest defensive position to play a big strength for the Tigers.

St. Louis-based composer writes journalism-inspired arrangement for MU creed

St. Louis-based composer to write journalism-inspired arrangement for MU creed
Composer Paul Reuter fused the Journalist’s Creed, the MU fight song and the MU alma mater together for the centennial’s closing ceremony. 

Tigers game set for national broadcast

The Missouri football team's game against Nevada is no longer available only on a pay-per-view basis. It is now set for a Fox Sports Net national broadcast at 11:30 on Saturday.

Five journalists inducted into Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame

Quintet has lengthy history of involvement in Missouri journalism.

State attorney general candidates discuss campaign issues at MU

Missouri attorney general candidates Mike Gibbons and Chris Koster declared their opposition to a campaign tactic that they both admitted using — automated telephone calls. The denunciations — and the admissions — were made at the candidates’ first debate, which was held at the MU School of Journalism on Thursday.

Columbia attendees react to gubernatorial, attorney general debates

Although audience members at Thursday’s gubernatorial and attorney general debates at MU’s School of Journalism followed the instructions to hold all applause until the end of the debate, they still had a lot to say about each candidate.

Magazine reporter discusses pulse of Internet news

The age of technology has especially influenced Lindsay Powers. A reporter for, she writes about celebrities and the entertainment industry — filing up to 15 stories a day.

New journalism institute links past, present and future

Located on the northeast end of Francis Quadrangle, the Reynolds Journalism Institute houses a revamped journalism program and an institute seeking to revitalize an industry.

Educator-musician leads songwriting workshop at Paxton Keeley Elementary

Paxton Keely Elementary School students participated Thursday in a songwriting workshop led by Monte Selby, a Kansas-based educator and musician who collaborates with schoolchildren over the course of one day to write one song.

MU study finds carcinogen in some Columbia wells

Organic matter in nine out of 14 wells is contributing to the formation of trihalomethane in the city’s drinking water, a new study by MU researcher Enos C. Innis has found. The study was funded by Columbia Water and Light in response to earlier elevated levels.

Journalists discuss entertainment reporting and its future

As part of the MU School of Journalism’s centennial celebration, Jann Carl led a panel discussion centered on the question “What is entertainment journalism?” She told the story of her personal journey through the field and how time after time, her education from the Journalism School prepared her for what she had to face.

Pulitzer Prize winners discuss the stories behind the stories

In a seminar Thursday, an attentive crowd listened to members of a discussion panel describe their personal experiences in journalism and what led them to win one or multiple Pulitzer Prizes.

Boone County Fire Protection District board discovers errors in fire chief's pay

Fire Chief Steve Paulsell’s 2004 pay had an extra $37,800 that the board can’t explain. The “mistake” was written into his contract and resulted in his pay reaching its current level of $177,058.

MU battles to close rec complex tanning beds

Owners of Tan Time LLC, which operates The Spa, are still operating through a restraining order despite MU's attempt to shut down the service over the summer.



Writers and NCAA president talk about sports journalism

NCAA President Myles Brand and other representatives of the sports journalism world agree new technologies are having a positive impact on the NCAA landscape, but they have some differing ideas on how and when journalists should be allowed to use them.

Nixon, Hulshof trade heated comments at debate

The Sept. 11 gubernatorial debate became heated over issues of campaign contributions, higher education and health care despite candidates' call for civility.



Police seek two suspects after armed robbery

A 26-year-old man was robbed at his home Thursday afternoon in the 5000 block of S. Providence Road, a Columbia Police Department news release stated.



Duality of affection for the Missourian

Two people with completely different attachments to the Missourian — one of a lifetime, the other of a moment — see something special in this not-so-old publication.

Educators disagree on minimum legal drinking age

More than 100 college presidents signed a petition last month calling for a debate on whether the minimum legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18.