Obama’s tax plans need second look

The tax policy bogeyman deployed largely to excite class envy needs badly an exposure to sunlight.

Freshman seeing playing time for MU volleyball team

Brittney Brimmage was never a volleyball star in high school, but now she is seeing playing time for Missouri.

Warren's customers are turning to Tom May

The Boonville embalmer, who has the only black-owned funeral home operating in  mid-Missouri, has been twice as busy since Warren Funeral Chapel was closed because of a court injunction.

REDI reshuffling creates open executive director position

The right person is crucial to the success of REDI's new structure, said Bob Black, chair of REDI's board of directors. The budget calls specifically for an executive director with "special skills in attracting high-tech employers."

Columbia schools celebrate Constitution Day

Schools tailored activities centered on the Constitution to make them age-appropriate for their students.

Prince murder trial wraps up first day of testimony

The prosecution alleged that Kristopher Prince fired a semi-automatic assault rifle at a car in April 2007, killing Tedarrian Robinson. The defense argued that Lorenzo Ladiner was actually the shooter.

BioBlitz to point out the biodiversity in our own backyard

The 24-hour communitywide event held by MU's conservation biology program encourages participants to explore and identify as many different species of local flora and fauna as possible.

Regrouping, not redistricting, planned for new Columbia high school

The Secondary Enrollment Planning Committee says reassigning the feeder schools should be easier than redistricting, though it also requires reconfiguration of grades.

Kewpies softball team rolls

The Hickman softball team defeated New Franklin 8-0 Wednesday night in Columbia.



Neighbors extinguish apartment fire

The fire was contained to one apartment, No. 203, of the complex located at 1621 Ashland Road. The resident, Katherine Brown, 54, was taken by ambulance to University Hospital with third-degree burns on her hands and arms.

MU student assaulted, robbed on campus

A robbery occurred at about 12:05 a.m. Wednesday on the MU campus between Engineering Building East and Switzler Hall.

Columbia Transit adds more buses for students

The Gold Route, which serves MU and popular apartment complexes for students, has been more crowded since the school's enrollment increased this year.

Twain museum invites Obama, McCain to debate

And, in the spirit of Mark Twain, it wants Stephen Colbert to moderate.

Flood damage assessments, advice given

The Columbia/Boone County Office of Emergency Management issued assessment and cleanup information for residents dealing with flood damages.

Missouri Task Force One to return Thursday

Task Force One, which recently assisted at the Republican National Convention, is due back tomorrow afternoon after a deployment to Louisiana to assist in rescues after Hurricane Ike.

Missouri’s economy not yet affected by Wall Street

The state portfolio is not at risk because it does not deal with Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or AIG, says Mark Mathers, director of investments in the state treasurer's office.

Low confidence in Wall Street causes severe drop in market

After hearing about AIG's turmoil, investors are unsure about which companies to trust.

Unrelated robberies share food factor

Two crimes occurred, one on Tuesday night and one early Wednesday morning.

States ask MillerCoors forgo plans for alcoholic energy drink

MillerCoors spokesman Julian Green said the company still plans to release Sparks Red on Oct. 1. He said the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, has approved all formulas and labeling for Sparks.

Independence business says it's not making pro-Clinton calls

But its number has come up when some residents received odd phone calls encouraging them to write in Hillary Clinton's name for president.