Ike’s flash floods ravage Silex, Missouri

Remnants of Hurricane Ike caused flash floods through Missouri this week. In Silex, Mo., dozens of houses were damaged, leaving many residents of the town homeless.

MU School of Medicine announces interim dean

MU’s School of Medicine announced Thursday that Dr. Robert Churchill will serve as interim dean in place of Dr. William Crist, who is leaving MU to serve as vice-president for health affairs at the University of Arizona.

Missouri Humane Society sends more rescuers to Texas

 The Missouri Humane Society is sending six more animal rescuers to the southeastern Texas coast following an urgent request from that state’s emergency management officials.

U.S. economic woes trickle into foreign markets

The reverberations of the U.S. credit crunch are starting to impact the confidence of investors across the world including in Europe and Asia.

Press release: Columbia Police report on downtown disturbance

Event emphasizes historical value of early classrooms

One Read program explained the role of one-room schoolhouses in American history.

Hickman football field to be named after former star player

Later in life, Robert M. LeMone made numerous contributions to the high school, including the donation of the lift used to video-record football games, and donations for the football field, track and concrete around the stadium.

Hickman student arrested on charges of marijuana possession

A Hickman High School student was arrested near the school on charges of marijuana possession with the intent to distrbute.

Woman charged in MySpace hoax sells home

Lori Drew, who was accused of creating a false MySpace identity after her teen neighbor committed suicide in 2006, said that her family is moving out of its St. Charles County home.

Credit crisis forces Missouri to revamp bridge funding

Missouri had to scrap it's privately funded bridge building program because of the credit crisis Thursday. Ranking fourth worst amongst states with bridges in poor condition, the state will issue $700 million in bonds to finance the renovation of 802 of Missouri's worst bridges.

Parent worries Columbia Board of Education approves items too quickly

Robin Hubbard, whose daughter's speech delay has posed difficulties learning math, said the board passed a special education document too fast. The document, she said, assures special education in the district but doesn't stipulate any methods.

Missouri task force returns from Louisiana

Missouri Task Force 1, the emergency rescue division of the Boone County Fire Protection District, returned Thursday from a rescue mission in Louisiana after being deployed Sept. 11 to help with Hurricane Ike relief.

Columbia filmmakers find echoes of home in Bosnia

Third in a trilogy about Bosnian refugees in Columbia, “Neither Here Nor There” will premiere at the Missouri Theatre on Saturday.

Head of Springfield charity for the blind charged with stealing

Micky L. Martin is accused of stealing more than $25,000 over 3 1/2 years.

Rock Bridge football plays without lineman

Skylar Hinton, a two-way lineman with the Bruins football team, is out for the rest of the season. Now the 1-2 Bruins must win without their biggest player.

Missouri scraps private financing for bridge projects

The credit market crunch has forced the state to pay for the projects through bonds.

Police seek suspect after shot fired at officers

Police do not believe any of the seven people arrested early Thursday morning in a downtown fracas is the man who shot at a pair of officers.

At one point, police had more people in custody than they could transport in patrol cars, said Columbia Police Lt. Dianne Bernhard.

Palin sounds unsolid on questions of national security

Sarah Palin should have known better about the “Bush Doctrine” in her interview with Charlie Gibson. This candidate for vice president scares me.

Mo. doctors move to Kansas for lower malpractice costs

A Missouri physicians' group plans to build a new medical office building in Galena, Kan., citing lower malpractice insurance costs across the state line.

Columbia College volleyball player adjusts after transferring from Brazil

Tally Mattos is playing well while trying to make the cultural adjustment from Brazil to the United States.