‘Celebration of Education’ exhibits connection between school, community

The gathering, held at a former one-room schoolhouse, was inspired by the One Read book, “The Whistling Season.”

State’s unemployment rate hits 6.6 percent

Missouri's  unemployment rate is now the highest it has been in 17 years.

Star story prompts probe into firefighter murder case

The inspector general’s office is looking into the actions of federal investigators involved in a case that sent five people to prison for life for the 1988 deaths of six Kansas City firefighters. The Kansas City Star reported in June that as many as 15 witnesses now say they were pressured to lie under oath in the trial.

Joplin man charged with contempt following scams

Concert and event promoter Derrick Gates is being charged with four contempt counts after failing to reimburse vendors he collected money from. The three events he had planned were never took place.

St. Louis’ “Boonie Hat Bandit” caught

Donald Keith Giammanco, 44, of Florissant, was arrested moments after a Commerce Bank branch was robbed in south St. Louis County on Thursday. At a news conference on Friday, police said Giammanco admitted to the string of robberies, all of which occurred in the St. Louis area.

St. Louis police board seeks federal investigation of scandal

The St. Louis police board on Thursday asked the U.S. Attorney’s office in St. Louis to investigate the handling of the contract with St. Louis Metropolitan Towing. A police spokeswoman on Friday declined further comment.

Police search for woman in rest-stop homicide

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Thursday the "person of interest" was white, 30 years old with shoulder-length reddish-blond hair and freckles. She was wearing a white blouse with designs on the collar and an unbuttoned jacket or sweater.

Sports injury research: Cheerleading riskier than football

 A growing body of evidence indicates cheerleading has become one of the riskiest athletic activities for women. Sports safety researchers reported that cheerleading accounted for two-thirds of all catastrophic injuries among female high school and college athletes.

Former state representative dies of brain aneurysm

Rep. Sherman Parker was a member of the state House from 2003 to 2006.

Millions in gold, silver coins found in broker’s house

HFI Securities Inc. said when the business learned earlier this week that its former vice president Don Weir Jr. had the coins, it notified the FBI, which took custody of the coins and is investigating.

KC mayor rejects ordinance to stop wife from working unpaid at his office

Thursday's veto was the first in modern Kansas City history. City Council members said they were "sick" of the distractions of having the mayor's wife work in his office.

A retrospective of horror

On the eve of his centenary, Francis Bacon’s reputation has never been higher, nor his works more valuable.

Arrest made in murder of pregnant St. Louis woman

University City police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with the murder. The slain 22-year-old woman was pregnant with her first child.