Letter: What are Columbia's City Council's priorities?

Is the will of the people that all of these facilities be built, or is it the will of our City Council?

MU grad keeps on singing on "America's Got Talent"

MU graduate Neal Boyd performs in the top five on "America's Got Talent."

Calvary Episcopal Church to install first female rector

The Columbia congregation celebrates the new ministry of the Rev. Paula Robinson.

Print ads can't keep up with the morning train — or school bus

As audiences continue to splinter across the explosion of Web pages, they mostly commute on the same trains, walk the same blocks and drive the same roads as before the Internet. The train advertisement is spectacularly, and eerily, effective.

See You at the Pole brings Christians together at Rock Bridge

About 30 students gathered to sing and worship together for the 18th annual See You at the Pole.