Undecided Columbia voters face challenge

Keith Clark poses for a portrait with his children (left) Daunte, 3, and Kumani, 6 months, on Sept. 30 at his house in Columbia. Clark is undecided as to whom he will vote for in this year's presidential election. His two main concerns are his children and the economy. He wants to know what each candidate can guarantee for his children's future.

The Missourian recruited three undecided Columbia voters — Miguel Lopez, Keith Clark and Amy Davis — willing to let us watch and learn from them over the frenetic final weeks of the campaign season. We’ll check in with them from time to time to see what they’re reading, what they’re hearing and what they’re thinking.

Characteristics and requirements for a president

One of the early political lessons I learned from my dad was this evaluation of presidents: "Franklin Roosevelt showed us that an individual could be president for life; Harry Truman that anyone could be president; Dwight Eisenhower that we may not really need one; and several others that we might be better off without one."

McCain fails to lead on disabilities issues in campaign

Despite McCain's experience with disability as a prisoner of war, his campaign Web site, unlike Obama's, lacks a comprehensive policy pertaining to disabled Americans.

LETTER: Obama, Biden will make a great team

Obama and Joe Biden will make a very good team, while Palin is not really qualified and there are concerns about McCain's health and age.

Straightforward solutions needed for complicated problems

So how strong is America, and how long can we allow the runaway entrepreneurial culture to suck the resources from the American citizen for the benefit of a few? We are beginning to see the outcomes of this process.

Kelly, Robb on pace to set campaign spending record

Campaign donor lists reveal a stark contrast in the types of support the two candidates for Missouri's 24th House District are garnering.

Columbia group challenges police on Taser records

A Missouri-based nonprofit organization strongly opposed to Tasers has accused the police department of deliberately withholding records first requested in August. The group said it is willing to take its request to court.

Commission continues to discuss development around new high school

The joint committee decided they need more time before making recommendations to the public.

Neo-Nazis get permit to march in Jefferson City

After failing to receive a permit to march in Columbia on Nov. 8, the National Socialist Movement switched to the state capital, where police did approved its permit and rally requests.

A financial crisis Q&A

Karen A. Schnatterly, Ph.D.,  assistant professor of management at MU's College of Business, explains how the financial meltdown affects the average American, Washington's bailout plan and the causes behind the current economic crisis.

Bank mergers could spell trouble for account holders

For consumers, the emergence of these banking behemoths — and the added clout that comes with the perception of greater stability over smaller institutions — raises the possibility of bigger fees and higher interest rates for loans, as well as lower interest for deposits.

McCain to stop in Missouri on Wednesday

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is scheduled to speak at an event at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum on Wednesday.

Committee meets to promote water bond

The city is asking for almost $40 million in bond money to replace old mains and make other improvements to the city's water system.

MU scholar on economy: 'Ride it out'

Rob Weagley, who chairs MU's Personal Financial Planning department, offers some simple advice for weathering the recent tumult on Wall Street: Ride it out.

Most Mo. hunting, fishing licenses to jump $2 to $3

Most increases go in effect in March, and they're the first in five years.

Missouri National Guard members again headed to help Afghan farmers

After they train in Nevada, Mo., Missouri National Guard members will travel to Afghanistan to help improve agribusiness there.

Michelle Obama to campaign in Kansas City

Michelle Obama visits Kansas City this week to campaign for the Democratic presidential ticket. Obama plans to talk about the importance of registering to vote ahead of the Oct. 8 registration deadline.

Missouri Republicans campaign to retain majority in legislature

Since 2003, Republicans have controlled both chambers of the state legislature — and Democrats are determined to narrow these margins in the Nov. 4 elections.

Stan Kann, vacuum cleaner collector, organist and comic, dies

He was a theater organist in St. Louis whose vacuum cleaner collection and gadget obsession made him a regular on the "Tonight Show."

MoDOT gets $3.3M grant to build new rail track

The money, combined with $5 million already set aside, will be used to build two "sidings" that will allow two trains headed in opposite directions to pass each other.