What's the commissioner's job?

What's the job: Boone County Sheriff

The sheriff patrols the county, responds to resident's calls and investigates crimes.

Library board hosts public input drop-in sessions

The Daniel Boone Regional Library board is seeking community input on future plans.

Blood drive competition heats up

More than 4,400 people have preregistered to give blood at MU's annual Homecoming Blood Drive, which begins Tuesday and ends Thursday.

International shortage of cancer-detecting isotope brings scientists to MU

A critical shortage of the radioactive isotope molybdenum-99 has brought scientists from more than 15 countries this week to Columbia to discuss the MU Research Reactor's role in increasing the production of this substance.

Secondary enrollment committee to hold forums

Eight public forums are taking place through the month of October at public schools in Columbia regarding a new high school, which is expected to open in August 2010.

Miller says economy will challenge county

Karen Miller is running unopposed for a fifth term as Boone County Southern District commissioner. She said the biggest challenge facing the county over the next four years will be the slowdown in the economy.

Elkin cites roads, law enforcement as 'paramount'

Long-time Hallsville resident running unopposed for third term.

Schauwecker prepares for sixth term as assessor

GIS system key to tracking county property, he says.

The assessor's job

The county assessor is an elected official responsible for developing and maintaining a current list of all taxable real and tangible personal property in Boone County and assessing the property annually.

Jasper County couple found dead Sunday morning

After not showing up for church, the couple's son found their bodies at their house. Authorities are looking into the possibility of a double homicide.

Company to dig for uranium in southeast Missouri

If the Colorado-based company finds uranium on private land, the owners of the land would receive 4 percent of the proceeds.

Southeast Missouri man dies in Mississippi River barge accident

A 67-year-old worker died Saturday in Cape Girardeau after falling into an empty hopper barge.

Cheney to visit Missouri on Oct. 20

The vice president is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in Cape Girardeau.

Joplin School Board to discuss tattoos on teachers

Superintendent C.J. Huff said tattoos could become more of an issue as the district hires young teachers from an age group that's more comfortable with tattoos.

School may ban teachers from talking to students outside school

The superintendent of the southeast Missouri school says the rule would protect teachers from false accusations.

Autism center planned for southeast Missouri

The Southeast Missouri State University Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment is scheduled to open next summer in Cape Girardeau.

Investigation links brain tumors to insulation plant

A toxicology expert has linked a high cancer-incidence rate to the former operation of a Rockwool Industries insulation plant in this small Missouri town.