New facility in northeast Missouri will bring 80 jobs

The plant prepares chicken, turkey and pork for other companies to use in dog food.

St. Charles teen gets suspended sentence in father's death

The teenager from O'Fallon pleaded guilty and was charged with involuntary manslaughter after an argument with his father escalated and caused them both to fall down the stairs.

14 Indicted for allegedly trying to send money to Palestinian territories

The indictment says the 14 from the St. Louis area made their money from bank and wire fraud, the receipt of stolen property, and the buying and selling of contraband cigarettes.

Anti-Obama sign puts spotlight on small Mo. town

A billboard, which features a caricature of Obama in a turban, posted near U.S. 63 has caused quite a stir in the small town and across the Web, with some people claiming it is racist.