Art league launches open-house weekend

The Columbia Art League celebrated its move to inside the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Thursday. Art league officials enjoy how the new location allows the community to see the art.

Two seconds could have prevented 2005 accident, civil engineer testifies

A couple more seconds might have prevented a 2005 accident at the intersection of College and Rollins avenues that resulted in the amputation of a bicyclist’s left leg from the knee down, civil engineer Ronald Hensen testified. But he agreed if the victim had crossed on a red light, the lack of “all-red clearance” would not have mattered.

New AmerenUE gas rates to begin affecting customers Nov. 1

Despite the reduction of $6 a month, the monthly winter bills for roughly 39,000 Columbia and Boone County natural gas customers will be on average about $10 higher than they were last winter.

City, Fire Protection District continue territorial agreement talks

As officials from the City of Columbia and the Boone County Fire Protection District met Thursday to renegotiate their territorial agreement, a main question was on the table: whether the closest fire station should respond to calls, or whether territorial lines should continue to determine service areas.

PHOTO GALLERY: Homecoming tradition continues

The ninth M-I-Z-B-B-Q had the theme, Under the Stripes: You Can't Tame the Tigers." 

Missouri Supreme Court building celebrates 101st birthday

The red-brick building was constructed in 1907, about a decade earlier than the current state Capitol.