Challenges don't deter MU golfer

Julia Potter, a junior at MU and the No. 1 player on the Tigers' women's golf team, has three top-five finishes in the four tournaments the Tigers have played this fall. Last summer, she qualified for the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in Eugene, Ore.

For Julia Potter, a junior at MU and the No. 1 player on the Tigers' women's golf team, surgery to correct severe scoliosis, a dangerously exaggerated curving of the spine, has fostered a calm under pressure that has become her greatest asset on the course.

Victory bolsters Tigers' pride

With the BCS polls making little difference after back-to-back losses took the Missouri football team out of the national title race, most players said an 58-0 victory over Colorado on Saturday was personal.

FearFest fulfills owner's childhood dream

Featuring a corn maze, a hayride and a haunted house, FearFest has been operating for six years. Owner Greg Allen dreamed of creating his own horror complex since he watched scary movies as a child.

Victory doesn't get Edwards far

Even with his win Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards, a Columbia native, didn't dent Jimmie Johnson's lead in the championship standings.

Shotgun house prepared for move to history village

The historic shotgun house is moving from the corner of Garth Avenue and Worley Street to Boone Junction History Village. It will be renovated to be a display of the past African-American community in Columbia.

ANALYSIS: The foreclosure crisis will not have an easy fix

Each day from July through September, more than 2,700 Americans lost their homes in foreclosure. That number, up from 1,200 a day a year ago, is a sign that the mortgage industry and government programs have done little to help troubled homeowners.

ANALYSIS: Straight ticket no longer option in Mo.

New MU faculty grievance policy is up for vote

On Wednesday, the MU faculty may vote to add an administrator to its grievance resolution panel. The administrator would be part of the initial body that gathers and evaluates information related to a complaint.

The Necropolis offers intense Halloween experience

Owner Bill Schnell hopes to keep patrons of his haunted house entertained through terrifying noises, gruesome monsters and "Freakshow in 3-D."

States begin to crack down on bottle return scams

Losing as much as $10 million in revenue, states such as Michigan and California are proposing or utilizing legislation to prevent people from redeeming deposit money for returning out-of-state bottles and cans.

Calif. gay marriage ban becomes big money race

It's drawn money from every state in the country and nearly two dozen nations. And it's raised a record amount for any social ballot issue. The list of donors includes Brad Pitt, the mother of the founder of Blackwater, the Knights of Columbus, Kate Capshaw and more.

One injured in south Columbia house fire

One person suffered minor burns in a south Columbia house fire Sunday night, a Columbia Fire Department news release states.

Leader of national Episcopal Church visits Kansas City

Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori visited the Kansas City area this past weekend and said a crucial part of preaching the gospel includes having church members ensure that the U.S. government make good its promises to provide financial help to Third World countries.

Fair elections, voter fraud top issues for Republican

Secretary of State candidate Hubbard's fight against a 2006 amendment on stem cell research sparked his interest in becoming secretary of state.

Law enforcement key for Constitution Party candidate

Denise Neely, who is running for secretary of state, is an organized candidate who wants to provide more information to the public, said Donna Ivanovich, Missouri Constitution Party chairwoman.

Efficiency needed in Missouri government, Libertarian says

Wes Upchurch, 21, is the Libertarian candidate for secretary of state.

Incumbent secretary of state has politics in her blood

Robin Carnahan belongs to the fifth generation of her family involved in politics. She's running for a second term as Missouri secretary of state.

Speakers discuss impact of presidential election on Supreme Court

The next president will play a pivotal role in the future of the Supreme Court and its overall philosophy according to experienced lawyers Stephen McAllister and David Frederick, who both spoke at a debate Thursday at the MU School of Law.

Amendment 1 would make English official language for government meetings

Proponents of the Missouri constitutional amendment call it benign; opponents call it unwelcoming to immigrants.

Ballot measure would eliminate gamblers' loss limits

The proposition also would increase amount casinos pay to government.