City, county, school board representatives discuss curfews

Columbia City Council members, Boone County Commissioners and Columbia Board of Education members discussed school dress codes, imposing a city curfew and collaborating to lower youth crime rates.

ANALYSIS: Obama, McCain appeal to button wearing, sign carrying crowd as election draws near

Days away from the election, a noticeable change has taken place in presidential campaign strategy in Missouri. After months of candidates appealing to the voting-befuddled, hard-to-reach undecided, they're finally giving some love to their base supporters. 

Columbia man arrested on suspicion of burglary

An 18-year-old Columbia man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree burglary, property damage and resisting arrest.

Oakland Junior High School students hold political convention

More than 400 parents, teachers, candidates and community members attended the event on Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: Forsee gift helps bring new technology to UM System

After a $1 million donation from UM System President Gary Forsee and his wife, Sherry, and another $1 million from Cisco Systems and AT&T, UM System campuses will soon be installing Cisco TelePresence systems.

10 tips for saving this Halloween

COLUMBIA — With the downturn in the economy, some families are on smaller Halloween budgets this year.

State lowering tax on workers' compensation benefits

Missouri is lowering a tax on employers for workers' compensation benefits from 1 percent to 0.5 percent starting next year.

Columbia Transit unlikely to extend service to new high school

Expanding bus routes to include the new public high school has not yet been discussed because of fuel costs and the economic downturn.

The FCC is disconnected from reality

The Federal Communications Commission thinks we need a "relief package" for the nation's largest telecommunications providers. It is just days away from voting on a proposed order that could end up costing millions of consumers millions of dollars on their monthly phone bills. We need to stop this vote.

Former schools superintendent says government needs faith

Gregory Thompson is the Constitution Party's candidate for governor.

Lengthy political career holds lessons for Nixon

Nixon, who is the longest-serving attorney general in Missouri history, is hoping to bring his small-town experiences to the Governor's office

Nomad-like congressman hopes his next stop is Jefferson City

Kenny Hulshof, the Republican candidate for governor, began his career in politics when he was attending MU and took an internship in Washington, DC., Hulshof has gone on to serve as a special prosecutor and congressman, moving around from city to city, and he hopes that he will be leaving the District of Columbia soon for Jefferson City.


Libertarian says party needs to get beyond 'making a stink'

Andy Finkenstadt says that if he is elected governor, he would follow the letter and spirit of the law.