Columbia families bring children to experience Obama, rally

Carrie Peter, 41, poses with her daughter Katrina, 6, at Sen. Barack Obama's rally at MU on Thursday. Peter said she thought it was important to bring her daughter from their home in Jefferson City to see the candidate during this historic election.

Parents said they didn't want their children to miss out on a chance to be a part of history.

Baylor quarterback to test Missouri's defense

A week after earning its first shutout of the season, Missouri's defense will be tested by one of the Big 12 Conference's rising stars.

Preparations continue as line forms for Obama rally

A rally for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was scheduled to begin at 9:30 p.m. Thursday at Carnahan Quadrangle.

LETTER: Hulshof ad is inaccurate

In an ad sponsored by the Hulshof campaign for governor, he claims his father never made money. However, Hulshof's primary asset comes from a farm inherited from his father.

Kelly's experience needed in 24th District

Since he departed from the General Assembly before the onset of term limits, Kelly will now be eligible to serve for eight years. He is needed there again in this time of economic uncertainty.

GUEST COLUMN: Obama offers new direction for health care

Barack Obama says he will reduce health care costs by up to $2,500 per family and that people with pre-existing conditions will still be able to receive coverage.

GUEST COLUMN: Health Saving Accounts are not the answer

HSAs discourage preventative care and do nothing to control high prices.

Thousands cheer Obama at rally for change

With an audience of about 35,000 to 40,000 people — a crowd estimate that came from the campaign and confirmed by the Columbia Police Department — Obama delivered a 33-minute speech intended to reinforce his base and encourage participation on Election Day.

Columbia students face harsher punishments for fighting

Under the new guidelines, any student involved in a fight will automatically receive a 10-day out-of-school suspension. Students who endanger or assault a faculty member and repeat offenders may be punished more severely — potentially be suspended for 180 days or an entire school year.

Freshman guard works hard under father's guidance

MU freshman Kim English nearly lives in the basketball gym. He's even been found to crawl under a blanket and sleep in the lounge of MU's practice basketball facility.

LETTER: Scandals and mudslinging — why now?

Why is it only election time when everything about all the Missouri gubernatorial candidates comes out of the closet?

Pre-Obama diary: Waiting in line, helping set up

Missourian reporters document preparations for the Barack Obama rally.

Biden rallies with autoworkers in Missouri

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed to cut taxes for the middle class at a campaign stop in Arnold, Mo. A recent poll showed Barack Obama and John McCain about even among likely Missouri voters.

Football bigger for Easton than he thought

When he was a freshman, Tedder Easton was only going to play basketball for Rock Bridge. Now a senior, Easton ends his football career at Rock Bridge with Friday's game against Blue Springs.

Lack of locker room challenging Kewpies

In a way, the Hickman football team has been homeless this fall as it doesn't have a locker room. Players and coaches say not having the room has hurt team unity and camaraderie.

9th District congressional candidates share thoughts on health care

State Rep. Judy Baker, D-Columbia, and Republican candidate Blaine Luetkemeyer both emphasize lowering costs and securing coverage for more Americans.

Palin draws big crowd in Cape Girardeau

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin received a rousing welcome Thursday in southeast Missouri, telling an overflow crowd that John McCain will fix the economy, lead America to victory in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and move toward energy independence.

Columbia Public Schools to close for Election Day

This year marks the first for the district to close schools while the buildings are used as polling places.

Sales at Columbia used-car dealership drop

The owner of Ashland Auto Sales blames the faltering ecomony for the loss of revenue.

Hickman, Rock Bridge cross country teams aiming for state

Coming off successful showings in their district meet, the Hickman and Rock Bridge cross country teams are preparing for Saturday's sectional meet.