Celebrities rally at MU for Barack Obama

Actors Aisha Tyler, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel rallied at Lowry Mall on Saturday afternoon for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Man arrested after knife assault Friday night

John Sasek, 42, of Columbia was arrested Friday night after a 29-year-old Columbia man was stabbed. The victim was taken to University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Five arrested on meth-related charges

Police arrested five people in Hallsville, northeast of Columbia, on Friday night as part of an ongoing investigation into a methamphetamine production operation in Boone County.

Flu vaccine has no high-risk restrictions

Everyone is encouraged to get flu vaccines this year, and shots, available at health clinics all around Boone County, will be $20.

FIVE IDEAS: Funding the Roots 'N' Blues festival

This week, we ask for your input on the vice presidential debate, how to fund education, whether the Columbia Police Department should release Taser data and the future of the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Purple is this season's red or blue state

There is one place for reds and blues. All 11 of Missouri's electoral votes in 2004 went to Bush. In the Electoral College, to the victor goes the color.

Privatize Social Security at everyone's risk

Diverting payments from Social Security accounts and into accounts tied to the stock market leads to reduced funding, thus adding to the pressure to cut benefits, eliminate or shrink living-cost adjustments and raise the retirement age.

LETTER: Understanding health care options can save you money

During this open enrollment period, customizing your health care plan specifically for you can help cut costs while optimizing your coverage.

Missouri's 1978 victory over Nebraska a 'special day'

As the 2008 Tigers attempt to break a 14-game drought at Nebraska on Saturday night, memories of 1978 resonate for those who lived through one of Missouri's greatest victories.

Helias crusades over Bruins

Helias quarterback Jay Shimmens accounted for three touchdown as Helias throttled Rock Bridge 45-13 in the Bruins’ homecoming game.

Hawklets hammer Hickman

In tonight's 41-0 drubbing of Hickman at Robert M. LeMone Field, the Hawklets left an impression that will last a while.

Pirates invade festival with bananas, nachos

Ben Clay and Tim Showers sell chocolate-covered bananas and nachos from their pirate-themed tent because "everybody loves pirates."

Final decision near: The naming of Albert-Oakland Park

The story of Albert-Oakland Park is complicated. But at the most basic level, it involves a family's legacy and one man's drive to preserve it.

County prosecutor's office moves

The Boone County Prosecutor's office spent the last part of this week moving to its new digs in the newly added fourth floor of the Boone County Courthouse.

Strangers in a strange land

Jennifer Enders and Brett Wilbanks are striving for a fully sustainable lifestyle — a focus on energy conservation, producing minimal waste and a heightened sense of environmental consciousness. The key is to start where you are and work within the system's limits.

Recommended resources for sustainable living

Whether to live an energy-efficient lifestyle is a matter of choice. Most people come into The Peace Nook wanting to change in one of three areas: diet, energy or as a way to lower costs.

Sustainable vegetarian eating

Blogging about sustainable living

Jennifer Enders and Brett Wilbanks started the blog about sustainable living after temporarily running a similar blog.

Hogarth prints put a twist on 'Till death do us part'

"Till death do us part" gets an unconventional treatment in William Hogarth's "Marriage a la Mode," a series of six prints that starts with an arranged marriage and ends with the death of both the bride and groom. These prints largely comprise a new exhibit at MU's Museum of Art and Archeology titled  “Satirizing the High Life: Hogarth’s Marriage a la Mode."

Living outside traditional gender definitions

A trip to the bathroom epitomizes the struggles faced by those who do not live within traditional gender definitions.