Mill Creek on 'needs improvement' list despite meeting targets

Despite meeting Missouri Assessment Program proficiency targets as a school, Mill Creek Elementary School wound up on No Child Left Behind's "needs improvement" list for 2008. Principal Mary Sue Gipson says the label doesn't accurately reflect the school.

Big Muddy takes toll on Easley River Road

Bank erosion is making the scenic lane even more dangerous to drive.

A day of blessings for the animals

Pet owners brought their animals to be blessed on St. Francis of Assisi Day at Calvary Episcopal Church. The guests were dogs, a cat and a snail.

Residents discuss Columbia Public Schools' math transitions

About 30 people spoke at a Columbia Public Schools' public comments meeting Thursday night. Among their concerns were quick, responsible curriculum decisions and easing children through the district's planned math changes.

New Fair Trade store to open downtown

Mustard Seed, a Fair Trade store in downtown Columbia, will open next week but will not sell coffee.



Russell Boulevard Elementary to celebrate 50th anniversary

The school will hold a Western-themed celebration Thursday, with visits from alumni and former teachers.

MU financial aid director discusses economy, loans

Joseph Camille, who has worked in student financial aid for more than 30 years, points out that the economy won’t have an immediate impact on student loan interest rates. What he has seen this year, however, is more students changing their FAFSA forms to reflect changes in income. 

Study shows decrease in risky behavior among Missouri youth

Missouri high school students are now participating in fewer risky behaviors, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

MU student government votes to change student fee rules

MU's Missouri Students Association voted on Wednesday to get rid of the vote-now, pay-later system that creates a lag between when projects are approved and when student fees go up to pay for them. The new system would phase in student fees during the fiscal year following a project's approval.

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival also available online

The Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival starts Friday, and the Missourian will be on hand with online and print coverage of the weekend's festivities.

Jumpstart brings kids, adults together to push for world reading record

Organizers for Read for the Record, which took place Wednesday, hoped to involve 400,000 people to break the record for the most children being read the same book by adults on the same day.

Damage to trails nearly repaired

The city, county and MU have spent thousands to fix the network of trails around Columbia.

KOMU nominated for two Mid-America Emmys

KOMU and two MU alumni have been nominated for Mid-America Emmy Awards. The awards gala will take place on Saturday at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis.

Chemical spill causes traffic delays, strong odor

Southbound traffic on Providence Road slowed to a halt Thursday afternoon when a flatbed truck spilled more than 15 gallons of concrete sealer.

Proposition B addresses home health work conditions

An initiative on Missouri's November ballot, which would create the Missouri Quality Homecare Council, would help recruit home health care workers, recommend wages and benefits and would keep a registry of Missouri personal care attendants, but some worry the measure is stealth attempt to unionize home health care workers.

UPDATE: Ford begins production of more fuel-efficient F-150

While the automaker is banking on the truck's improved mileage to lure back customers — company officials said fuel cost has jumped to a top-5 truck buyer concern — tight credit and increasing worries about economic instability have pulled U.S. auto sales to a 15-year low, with truck sales leading the plunge.

Broadway Christian Church pastor retires

Rick Frost spent a third of his life as pastor of Broadway Christian Church. He could become anyone's best friend in five minutes. Maybe it's because his childhood was spent on an island, and he grew up with a tight community of 500 people. Maybe it's because at 66, he can correctly use the term "cranked," slang for "excited," well enough to relate to any teenager. Or maybe it's the way he can crack a joke, like when Broadway Christian Church, where he has been serving as senior pastor for more than 20 years, threw him a huge farewell party and he walked up on the stage, grinned and asked, "What are we doing next week?"

Broadway Christian marks 50th Anniversary

The church plans a celebration on Sunday morning.

Branson tourism down in 2008

The Branson Chamber of Commerce said visitor numbers were down by 95,000 in April, May and June, and inquiries about vacations there fell by 400,000.

Laptop stolen from McCain office in Independence

The laptop was stolen sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, Kansas City police said. A GOP spokeswoman said the laptop contained data about areas that are targeted for support.