Teen gets 15 years in prison for fatal crash

A St. Joseph teenager has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges in a drug-fueled, wrong-way crash that killed two people.

Bond expected to join McCaskill in backing financial rescue bill

Sen. Claire McCaskill said Wednesday she will "hold her nose" and vote in favor of a retinkered bill to rescue the nation's financial industry. Sen. Kit Bond, who has urged the government to act quickly to end the financial crisis, also is expected to vote for the plan.

Humane Society to host fundraiser tonight

The fundraiser is open to the public and will celebrate the shelter's 65th birthday.

Woman dies in inflatable slide accident

The woman might have broken her neck while trying to do somersaults on the slide at her stepson's birthday party.

Fugitive apprehension agent acquitted of manslaughter

A Callaway County jury has acquitted a fugitive apprehension agent in the fatal shooting of an unarmed parole jumper in Cape Girardeau.