Obama's election gives some black Missouri leaders hope

As Democrat Barack Obama assumes the position of president-elect in the U.S., many Missouri black leaders said this may open doors for a black politician to become a statewide elected official.

Missouri has never elected a black official to a statewide office.

Nuckolls livens things up with handshakes

The MU volleyball player is also known for her sarcasm and debate skills.

World finds hope in Obama's election

From Paris to New Delhi to the beaches of Brazil, revelers said Obama's election made them feel more connected to America, and that America, after years of strained relations, seemed suddenly more connected to the world.

Exit poll: Missouri voters most concerned about economy

The exit poll showed how much the state's mood has changed since 2004. When President George W. Bush carried Missouri four years ago, slightly more than half of voters said the economy was good.

PHOTO GALLERY: Watch parties at Blue Note, Second Baptist, more

See photos of people gathered to watch election results at The Blue Note, Second Baptist Church and The Tiger hotel.

PHOTO GALLERY: Watch parties and reactions around Boone County

Late deciders in Missouri broke for McCain, exit poll finds

McCain didn't win the election, but he has the lead in Missouri before counting provisional ballots.

Polling places face fewer problems, no recounts

Despite a record number of voters, the system seemed to run smoothly in most states.

Columbia teacher earns state award

Patricia Powell taught at West Junior High School for 20 years but recently added to her list of accomplishments.

A look back at other presidential firsts

In the wake of the historic first that Barack Obama brings to the presidency as an African-American, the Missourian looked at other firsts throughout presidential history.

'Sophisticated, diverse' crafts to be sold at holiday exhibition

The Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild will hold their 19th annual event this weekend.

Papers sell out as readers seek Obama keepsakes

Some newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, began printing additional copies as the day went on.

Black community finds inspiration in Obama win

About 95 percent of black voters cast their ballots for Obama, according to exit polls. The historic election brought to their minds the possibility of personal and societal changes.

ANALYSIS: For Obama, now comes the hard part

Big promises under a tough ecomomy will make Obama's job difficult despite the fact the Democrats have majorities in both chambers of Congress.

McCain, Obama race tests Missouri's bellwether status

Although Obama has won the presidency, McCain may collect Missouri's electoral votes; he leads Obama by 5,853 votes with about 7,000 provisional ballots to count.

Gambling initiative passes, wipes out limit on casino losses

It will take another month before gamblers can enjoy Missouri casinos without the loss limit in place.

Nov. 4 final election results

Here are the breakdowns of the results that have been tallied, according to The Associated Press and the Web sites of the Boone County Clerk and Missouri Secretary of State.

Missouri once again has divided leadership

Peter Kinder retained his seat as lieutenant governor while Chris Koster was elected  attorney general.

Democrats edge Republicans in four of five area House races

Paul Quinn, Stephen Webber, Chris Kelly, Mary Still and Steve Hobbs will make up Boone County's delegation to the Missouri House of Representatives for the next two years.

Luetkemeyer to represent Missouri's 9th congressional district

Boone County voters opted for Judy Baker with 58 percent of the vote, but in the end Blaine Luetkemeyer collected 50 percent of the vote in the district, which includes all or part of 25 Missouri counties.