Designated drivers now available for rent in Kansas City

Bill George, the CEO of the Kansas City Transportation Group, created the service with a business partner who was charged with a DUI last year.

Missouri students chat with astronaut via Spacebook

The Missouri University of Science and Technology has designed a new networking site to help Missouri students communicate with a NASA astronaut in space. Through Spacebook, students from across the state are chatting with Sandra Magnus, a graduate of the university in Rolla.

Law capping charges for Revenue Dept. records overturned

A Missouri judge threw out a law capping how much a revenue department can charge for getting driver's license and motor vehicle records.

Hundreds on strike at central Missouri manufacturing plant

More than 500 employees of a Centralia manufacturing plant that makes plastics and construction materials are on strike over a contract that eliminates benefits. The plant is Centralia's largest employer.

Brooklyn Dodgers' famous former pitcher Preacher Roe dies

Preacher Roe, a baseball player who had a 12-year career with the Dodgers, Pittsburgh and St. Louis died Sunday in West Plains. He was a four-time All-Star and a revered member of "The Boys of Summer" in Brooklyn.

St. Louis County teacher accused of having sex with student

Baxter Harris, a business teacher and girls' basketball coach at Hancock Place High School in south St. Louis County, is accused of having sex with a girl at a school and showing her and three other girls explicit pictures of himself.