After season, MU assistant open to head coaching jobs elsewhere

MU offensive coordinator Dave Christensen

The Missouri football team's offensive coordinator, Dave Christensen, expressed interest Monday in pursuing a head-coaching position.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Media shows leftist bias in coverage of e-mail controversy

Coverage of a request by three Missouri media outlets to obtain e-mails from Gov. Matt Blunt's office has been inaccurate and untruthful, the governor's chief of staff says.

Pronunciation: Be comprehensible, not pretentious

Using foreign words and accents will likely alienate those around you.

Poor public schooling creates uneducated voters

Because I am always on the side of the underdog, I have always wanted to be the kind of person who could champion public schools. Unfortunately, most of them have not met up to my expectations.

Rivalry, not hype, matters to Missouri against KU

Gone is the drama of a possible national football championship, but the Tigers say that's not what is important when they play the Jayhawks.

Transfer embraces MU wrestling team

After a frustrating season at Arizona State, Todd Schavrien decided to transfer to MU. He says he is glad he did, and the Tigers say they are glad to have him.

Voting for top team tough for Big 12 coaches.

Coaches from the Big 12 Conference struggled to pick their favorite among the top teams in the Big 12 South as they placed votes that affect the Bowl Championship Series standings.

Spraygrounds, baseball field improvements suggested for Douglass Park

Public input is shaping the $255,000 improvement project for Douglass Park that could be finalized in January.

Pinkel finalizes terms on new contract

Pinkel said he hopes to sign hisnew contract "in the next couple of days." The school's Board of Curators, which must approve the deal, is scheduled to meet Tuesday.

Flat Daddy cardboard cutouts help military families cope

While Amanda Stapp waits for her husband, Jason, to return from his 400 days serving in the National Guard in Kosovo, she keeps a "Flat Jason," a cardboard cutout to fill the void at the dinner table.

This Thanksgiving, the real Jason will be taking the place at the table instead.

The couple, who were married on Valentine's Day this year, have 10 days together before Jason returns to Kosovo.

UPDATE: Activists air concerns about Taser use

A coalition of four advocacy groups addressed their concerns about the use of Tasers at a press conference Monday, in response to records released by the Columbia Police Department on Oct. 31.

ANALYSIS: Government decides Citigroup too big to fail

The government has decided that guaranteeing hundreds of billions of dollars in possible losses and injecting $20 billion more into Citi trumps the alternative — a panic that could leave retirement accounts and investment portfolios of millions of ordinary Americans in tatters and shove more people out of jobs.

Struggling homeowners might qualify for payment reductions

Citigroup assets that have new government backings could help borrowers who need assistance.

The split is mutual: Tiger Woods will no longer endorse GM

After nine years, GM is ready to free up money, and Tiger Woods wants to spend more time with the family.

Washington busy spending lots and lots of money

Even with Obama's newly announced stimulus plan, the national debt will continue to rise in the next year.

Charities face uncertainty in holiday collections

The current economic trends mean two things for charities: more clients and fewer sponsors.

Supreme Court to consider bringing in Clay County jury to hear murder trial

The Missouri Supreme Court will consider bringing in a Clay County jury to hear the second-degree murder trial of a Columbia man after his motion for change of venue was denied Monday in Boone County Circuit Court.

Police to crack down on drivers who block intersections near mall

Columbia police will enforce traffic signal violations and the blocking of intersections throughout the holiday season.

Musicians check out of Holy Road House

Holy Road House, as it’s been called the last two years, is for sale, and Holy Road Tours Union, a nonprofit touring and lifestyle co-op.

Missouri, Arkansas governors to sign water agreement

Arkansas and Missouri officials agreed Monday to meet annually to study ways to protect watersheds and aquifers that cross state lines, a pact both states said would help keep water fights out of the courtroom.