S. Illinois farmer to change plea in fraud case

A southern Illinois farmer accused of bankruptcy fraud in a case that has ties to a double homicide is due in court for a change-of-plea hearing.

Gas prices low at busy travel time

AAA Auto Club reports that Missouri’s $1.58 average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is the lowest in the nation. Among neighboring states, Kansas on Tuesday was at $1.70, Iowa at $1.78, Illinois at $1.88 and Arkansas at $1.73.

Winter clothing from drive sent to security escorts in Afghanistan

Sara Reichert  has collected winter clothing to send to her husband serving with the Air Force in Afghanistan for men who are security escorts there.

Blunt pardons 2 turkeys before Thanksgiving

More votes were tallied to name the birds than were cast in the recent election.

Dana Corp. to lay off 50 workers in Columbia

The lay offs will eliminate 20 percent of the plant's workforce.

UM Curators on opposite sides of business lawsuit

Curators Cheryl Walker and Don Walsworth have been allies on the Board of Curators since their appointments in 2003. The lawsuit was filed in St. Louis on Monday but doesn't name Walsworth.

Deaton clarifies MU hiring freeze conditions

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton outlined guidelines of the UM System-wide hiring freeze in an e-mail Tuesday.

Terrariums make unique holiday gifts

Because terrariums recycle their moisture, they can go a long time without being watered. Here's how to make one.

Missouri governor picks 2 new associate circuit judges

Columbia College wins big

The Cougars improved to 7-1 with a 73-60 win over Missouri Valley College.

MySpace suicide trial goes to jury

Lori Drew’s defense lawyer reminds the jury that they're dealing with an Internet case, not a homicide. Drew could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.