Sophomore volleyball player gets time on court

MU sophomore Catie Wilson readies herself during the fourth game against Texas A&M on Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, at the Hearnes Center. Texas A&M beat Mizzou 25-21, 25-20, 20-25, 25-16.

A high school meeting from three years ago has helped MU sophomore middle blocker Catie Wilson deal with inconsistent playing time this season with the Tigers.

Tell us what you think needs to change in 2009

Let's get into some specifics about change and talk about ways to improve our local, state and national communities. I hope you’ll accept this invitation to share your thoughts on change in the coming weeks. Pick the medium you’re most comfortable with and share your thoughts. Maybe it’s through a video diary or a podcast. Maybe it’s through illustration or animation. Or maybe it’s via the good ol’ written word. The important thing is to express it.

Tasers: The debate goes on

Taser use has become a hot topic in Columbia, and in response, a 27-member team of reporters worked on special assignment for the Missourian to compare Columbia's experience to that of other jurisdictions around the nation and world.

Christian tattoos: Wearing faith on your half-sleeve

Religious tattoo sites pepper the Internet, and Christian tattoo shops are opening across the country.

Car strikes, damages Columbia home early Friday morning

The sports car skidded off the road and crashed into the garage of a home on Rollins Road.

UPDATE: Missouri mom gets some comfort from work against cyberbullying

Dardenne Prairie resident Tina Meier, whose daughter, Megan, hanged herself in the wake of an Internet hoax, says that while a neighbor's conviction in court this week didn't bring closure, other things have brought comfort.

Lesson from The Biggest Loser: Don't try this at home

"The Biggest Loser‚" has made über-boot-camp-style training sessions seem a sure-fire ticket to weight loss for sedentary, morbidly obese people. And the success of its contestants suggests there's little risk — contrary to common advice that such programs should be undertaken only with a physician's seal of approval.

Columbia jazz duo finds inspiration in challenge, history of jazz

The Tempus Fugitives, a two-man jazz band, are inspired by John Coltrane and Miles Davis and are constantly working to improve their sound.

They find inspiration in the challenges, history and camaraderie of their music.

"We know each other well enough now that it becomes intuitive when the other one wants to stop, or where the other is heading (in his music)," Alan Arnold says.

Man arrested on charges of child molestation

A Mexico, Mo., man was arrested at a family gathering in Columbia on Thursday on suspicion of first-degree child molestation involving a 13-year-old girl.

Energizer Bunny begins 20th year

The Energizer Bunny, made famous by St. Louis-based battery-maker Energizer, turns 20 in 2009.

N.Y. Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down

Business up for electric car conversions

While the economy tanks and new car sales drop, the market for electric vehicle conversions has shown signs of growth.