UPDATE: Tribune Co. prepares for possible bankruptcy filing

The Chicago-based media conglomerate has hired advisers for advice on a bankruptcy filing, but the company says it's considering a variety of options.

Multiple records fall at Missouri swim team's inaugural Invitational

The Missouri men's and women's swimming teams together broke seven school records this weekend. Senior Lori Halvorson led the way breaking four school records for the women.

Should parents shield kids from hard times at Christmas?

Despite an economic slowdown, department stores are catering to the younger customer, predicting parents will agree to the holiday present demands. But some experts say it's important to talk with children about what parents can and can't afford to buy.

Man charged with great Danish fraud surrenders

Stein Bagger, chief executive of a Copenhagen-based software company, walked into a downtown Los Angeles police station Saturday and told police he was an international fugitive.

New eco-friendly clothing line sold at MU bookstore

Friends Jack Short and Daniel Lyons, both MU seniors, think people find fashion an interesting way to have an impact. In late April, they co-founded Factory Green Inc., an online, ecologically friendly clothing company. Their T-shirts and zip-up hooded sweatshirts began selling at University Bookstore in November.