Impact of funding cuts will be felt 'across all dimensions,' Forsee says

UM System President Gary Forsee and MU Chancellor Brady Deaton discuss the impact and uncertainty budget cuts pose for the Columbia campus.

At a news conference Friday, University of Missouri System President Gary Forsee reiterated the fact that the impact of potential cuts in state funding will affect everyone. He said he will examine combinations of cost-cutting measures so that impact is minimal and does not burden any one group.

School bus wreck closes Interstate 70 in downtown St. Louis

A school bus accident forces the shutdown of Interstate 70 near downtown St. Louis.

LETTER: Tasers are not safe

Taser use is too important to leave up to the police.


Race and wealth a factor in health disparities

An assessment of reports and surveys shows that, in Missouri, minorities and those with lower annual incomes are more likely to have a higher rate of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

Talented journalists provide occasion to cheer

Three young journalists have transformed Adelante into a radio program, and one of them even got the radio program running as a podcast in iTunes. Also, Vox Magazine's Thursday edition on doctors in Columbia created another opportunity to marvel at young journalists.

Missouri River recovery effort for missing man called off for Friday

The Missouri State Water Patrol called off its recovery effort at 3:25 p.m. Friday and will likely resume the search for John Paul Forget, who is believed to have fallen into the Missouri River on Tuesday, on Saturday morning.

The Latin Revival

The "mother tongue" is back. With 70-strong Latin enrollment at Rock Bridge High School, consistent numbers at Hickman High School and its status as a required class at Columbia Independent School, Columbia is part of a nationwide revival of the "dead language."

Columbia man convicted on child porn charges

A Boone County jury found a Columbia man guilty of possession and promotion of child pornography on Friday, suggesting he be sentenced to seven years in prison for promotion and four years for possession.

UPDATE: Warrants issued for suspects in drug case

Columbia police have issued warrants for a man and a woman on drug charges after investigation of a Wednesday shooting led to a discovery of 40 pounds of marijuana, illegal mushrooms, guns and drug paraphernalia.

MU graduate tells tale of landfills and memories

MU graduate Tom McCartney wrote the novel "Poisoned Roots" about his mother's fight against the construction of a landfill.

Missouri job gains erased by November losses

Missouri led the nation in job growth in September and was second highest in October. But those gains were lost in November with the total number employed falling to its lowest mark in more than two years.


Missourians won't pay more to hunt and fish

Bombarded with sometimes angry comments from Missouri hunters, anglers and landowners, the state Conservation Commission voted Friday to pull a plan charging more for hunting and fishing permits and requiring more land to qualify for free permits.

Man returns home to find house on fire

An electical fire caused damages estimated to be near $40,000 at the home of Columbia man.

Cardboard testimonies simplify messages about faith

The telling of the story is called a cardboard testimony. Members of churches leave their pews and step up in front of the congregation long enough to show fellow churchgoers part of their lives. On the first side, written out big and bold for all to see, is a struggle, trial or sin that person has battled with. Flip it over, and the sign shows where the person is today. And the person giving the testimony credits his or her new life to changes brought by a relationship with Christ.

Kansas City, Kan., passes smoking ban

Kansas City, Kan., officials have approved a smoking ban after reviewing the idea for almost two years.

Man who posed as federal agent to be sentenced

A man who posed as a federal agent for two months in the eastern Missouri town of Gerald faces sentencing.

Three fires intentionally set in Columbia business, officials say

Boyce & Bynum had three small fires set on two different levels of the building Thursday, officials say. No one was injured.

Teacher works magic with emotionally disturbed children

Jennifer Luna teaches Columbia elementary students who have the most severe emotional and behavioral problems. With her dogged determination, loving discipline and unconventional techniques, she gets through to students other teachers have found impossible to teach.

UPDATE: Man who posed as federal agent gets 5 years

He was armed with guns, threw people to the ground and handcuffed them, and conducted warrantless searches.