Boone Hospital opens rehabitation unit for stroke patients

Boone Hospital Center opened its new rehabilitation center Tuesday after spending $600,000 to add a new kitchen and dining area, widen doors and upgrade rooms.

Man arrested in relation to fast food stabbing

Matthew Prince, 20, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of second-degree assault in relation to a Dec. 11 stabbing that stemmed from an argument over fast food.

Firefighters save dog from frozen lake

Firefighters rescued the dog from a lake at Twin Lakes Pakr within12 minutes of arriving at the scene. The Boston terrier was unhurt.

Kansas City-area church members dress like Jesus

Just in time for Christmas, hundreds of people in the Kansas City area have committed to dress like Jesus in the days leading to the holiday, in what they say is an answer to a widening secularization of the season.

Corps sues Ameren over Taum Sauk disaster

Three years after the breach of the Taum Sauk reservoir, debris from the disaster continues to damage Clearwater Lake and its natural resources, according to a lawsuit filed by the Army Corps of Engineers against AmerenUE.

Program pays farmers who help prairie chickens

A new state-federal program will pay certain Missouri farmland owners to set aside land as habitat for prairie chickens, which once roamed the state’s prairies in large numbers.

Family fights to make a life without mother in Kansas City

Leslie Mora, a 20-year-old Kansas City woman, has been in charge of raising her two half-siblings, Jesus and Marbhely Gonzalez, ages 13 and 14 respectively, since July, when their mother returned to her native Mexico because she feared arrest by U.S. immigration officers.

Officer sues estate of man who wounded him

A southwest Missouri police officer wounded during a shootout after a highway crash has sued the gunman’s estate for unspecified damages.

Snowman snow globes pose fire hazard

About 7,000 snow globes in the shape of snowmen have been recalled. There have been reports of the globes causing fires as sunlight passes through and ignites surrounding objects.