ANALYSIS: Looming financial crisis was ignored by Bush administration

The government and other agencies buckled to aggressive lobbying and banks’ word about troubled mortgages early on.

Awaiting change: Obama's chance to earn his chops

After an election season filled with promises of change, our country is anticpiating a time where stump speech proposals may become the reality of a truly changed America.

Responsibility for world problems is ours

Many people feel hurt and angry because of the economic crisis, which has also resulted in large unemployment rates. This downtown in the economy is related to decisions made earlier, during the escalation and throughout the Iraq war.

Self-discipline, creativity work together to spark new ideas for society

While advances in technology have altered the way we perceive art and information, one has to question whether we are being aided, enthralled or simply over-stimulated.

MU's Eberflus confirms talks with Toledo

Missouri assistant football coach Matt Eberflus addressed the media for the first time Monday about interviewing to become the head football coach at Toledo. 

Snowfall causes minimal problems for city, residents

Columbia has leftover salt from 2007 to use to melt ice on bridges and major roadways.

Chapman revels in player-coach role for MU soccer

Candace Chapman finished her first season as volunteer coach with the Missouri women's soccer team, and says she can still improve as a player. She is balancing her desired future in coaching and her wish to play in the Women’s Professional Soccer league, which debuts in April 2009.

Investigators rule duplex fire intentionally set

No one have been arrested, but Columbia Police and Fire Departments are continuing the investigation into the blaze that caused more than $50,000 in damage.

Fourth Avenue fire ruled intentional

A fire at a home at 12 Fourth Ave. on Monday evening was likely intentionally set, the Columbia Fire Department said in a news release. The report comes on the heels of the determination that a fire in a duplex on Sunday night was also intentional, but the Fire Department does not believe the two events were related.

Missouri legislature pre-filing shows not much will change

The groundwork was laid Monday to make the 2009 legislative session a repeat of the 2008 debate over a proposal abortion bill.

Rios murder retrial begins Tuesday

The retrial of Steven Rios, a former Columbia police officer who was convicted of murder in 2004, is set to begin Tuesday morning.

Change of venue granted for man charged in Bentley slaying

Michael Jaco, one of five men charged in the death of a Columbia man last summer, was granted a change of venue Monday due to the amount of media coverage of the case.

Columbia Fire Department officials offer free smoke alarms

The department is working to help inform residents of the value of smoke alarms and the risks associated with not having one.

Regulators hang up on cell tower backup rules

A proposal to require all U.S. cell phone towers to have at least eight hours of backup power in case of a natural disaster was shot down by federal regulators.

Boone County Fire Protection District board to choose interim fire chief

The board will conduct the closed meeting at 9:15 a.m. Tuesday at the fire district headquarters.

Interviews for new police chief pushed back until after Christmas

The Police Chief Search Advisory Committee will meet on Dec. 11 to narrow down the long list of possible candidates for Columbia's police chief vacancy. The final list of candidates will be available after Christmas.

U.S. officially in a recession, research group says

The National Bureau of Economic Research has determined that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007. Many economists believe the current downturn will last well into 2009.

Behavior on Missouri rivers could soon be subdued

Among the first bills filed in the 2009 legislative session is a possible ban on beer bongs, kegs and beaded necklaces on Missouri's rivers.

Juror: Defendant didn't expect Megan Meier to harm self

The jury forewoman in a landmark cyberbullying case says the defendant, Lori Drew of O'Fallon, didn't expect the teenage victim to harm herself.

Obama picks Clinton, Gates for Cabinet

President-elect Barack Obama announced Monday that Robert Gates would remain as defense secretary, making President George W. Bush's Pentagon chief his own as he fills his Cabinet at record speed. Obama also picked former campaign rival Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state. Obama said the appointees "share my pragmatism about the use of power, and my sense of purpose about America's role as a leader in the world."