Missouri campaign expenses reached record heights in 2008

Candidates for area House, Senate seats raised and spent more than ever

2008 Tigers look back on unfulfilled expectations

Regardless of the causes, there’s one thing the Tigers can agree on: There’s no altering the past. The only thing they can influence now is Monday night’s matchup with Northwestern.

ANALYSIS: Unemployment can aid Missouri construction

Missourians competing for public works contracts can actually benefit from high unemployment rates, thanks to a 1993 law that restricts who can be hired for public construction projects during times of high unemployment.

GUEST COLUMN: Coalition demands Taser regulation

Several incidents of the use of Tasers by the Columbia Police Department did not follow regulations and caused serious harm to individuals. Thus, additional regulations are needed to reduce the risks involved.

Learning to drive — and getting it right, finally

A Columbia transplant from New York learns to drive with the assistance of a new friend.

Paper: FBI’s Eagleton files show no health details leaked

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reviewed more than 1,000 pages of FBI documents on Thomas Eagleton and reported it found no direct evidence countering the FBI's denials that it had gathered information on the Missouri senator's treatment or leaked information about  it.

Flooding forces Humane Society to relocate eight dogs

Eight dogs were moved out of the stray dog wing Saturday at the Central Missouri Humane Society after rainwater began to flood the area.

Bullet enters north Columbia home; no one injured

A north Columbia homeowner discovered Sunday that a bullet had cut through a wall of the house.

Lt. gov.: Blagojevich out by Lincoln's 200th birthday

Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said on "Face the Nation" today that he predicts Gov. Rod Blagojevich will be removed from office by Feb. 12.

Frustration, anger rage over fabricated Holocaust story

Herman Rosenblat convinced literary agents, TV producers and even Oprah Winfrey that his Holocaust story was true. But publisher Berkley Books canceled his memoir after learning the story of how he and his wife met at a Nazi concentration camp was untrue.

Melting snow, storms bring Midwest flood warnings

Flood warnings were posted Sunday over sections of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and northwest Ohio, the National Weather Service said.

Bill would give doctors tax break for seeing Medicaid patients

State Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, has proposed a bill to make it more beneficial for health care providers to see Medicaid recipients.

Sculptor Robert Graham dies at age 70

Graham, who sculpted Kansas City's 18-foot monument to jazz great Charlie Parker, died Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Bad '08 memories get shredded in NYC

An industrial-strength shredder in Times Square became the resting place Sunday for some people's bad memories of the past year. The shredder's victims included a printout of a  breakup e-mail and a Boston Red Sox poster.

Tourism drains at Idaho senator’s sex sting stall

Briefly flooded with infamy, the airport men's room where Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, was arrested in a sex sting in June 2007, appears to be nearing the end of its notoriety.

'Sleep lady' in St. Louis solves snoozing issues

Nurse Nancy Birkenmeier saves worn-out moms and desperate dads by fixing their children's sleep issues.

’40s femme fatale star Ann Savage dies at 87

Her most famous role was in the B-movie classic "Detour," but she in the past year she had a starring role in a Canadian cult filmmaker's production, "My Winnipeg."

Man arrested after 5-hour standoff in Collinsville motel

The standoff began when the man, considered a person of interest in the death of a Nebraska woman, called police to say he wanted to turn  himself in.

Increasing education funds should come before increase in gun sales

It is somewhat comforting to know that Missourians aren't all worried about mortgage payments and keeping their jobs but are willing to engage in hobbies such as hunting and gun sports.

3 killed in Missouri crashes

Two teenagers and a 63-year-old were killed in accidents this weekend.