East Missouri man accused of operating 4-county marijuana ring

The indictment also charges that two men — 69 and 83 — were used as "mules" to bring the marijuana up from Texas.

Arnold tables discussion on red-light cameras

Despite a push by a group called "Don't Tread on Me" to get the cameras out or put the issue to a vote, the City Council decided to delay action until June.

Global economy crashing Indian weddings

In a country known for lavish weddings, some couples are making tough decisions to avoid high costs in a weakened economy.

ANALYSIS: Bush legacy — grim times, gloomy nation

While history says time should pass before a president is judged, the modern doctrine asks instead, "Are people better off than they were when the president took office?"

Former Teacher of the Year in trouble for contacting former student

Jan Kauffman, who won the 1994 Teacher of the Year honor, violated her probation for a second time by contacting Tyson Wilson, a former student who is in prison for drug and assault convictions.