FIVE IDEAS: How does Obama shore up a struggling economy?

This week, we ask you to weigh in on the economy, unemployment, Jay Nixon's firings of 150 state workers, reorganizing the higher education system in Missouri, and the search for Columbia's next police chief.

Nixon to take oath as Missouri's 55th governor

Missouri's incoming governor is styling his inauguration as "A New Day for Missouri" — a phrase to be repeated in his inaugural address.

Fighting in Gaza defies easy answers

Panelists discuss the various sides of the battles in Gaza.

Quilts turn barns into works of art

Buildings that were afterthoughts are now part of a growing driver-friendly trail of color across the nation's back roads — in Appalachia and now in Missouri.

Artist finds passion in the printing

Ben Chlapek, a 23-year-old silk screen poster artist, is known for taking nontraditional approaches to his work, say a former teacher and friends. The results, however, are lighthearted.

Columbia's business closings not out of the ordinary

Several Columbia businesses closed their doors in 2008, but the number of closings wasn't unusal, despite hard economic times, business counselors said.

Volunteers film vignettes for True/False Film Festival

On Sunday, a crowd of about 40 adults and children bundled up and volunteered to film a series of vignettes at Stephens Lake Park for the True/False Film Festival.

Truman birthplace gets second shot at park status

Park status would both honor the only U.S. president from Missouri and provide economic aid to the area.

Legally blind man shoots out-of-sight photos

Using only his peripheral vision, Bob White snaps photos of rural plants, buildings, wildlife and people.

One dead in racing wreck on I-70

The driver of a red BMW was arrested after police said he caused an accident that left a man dead while racing.

Man pleads guilty in bar fight death

Kyle William Musser of Gower pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. He had originally been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Kurt Brinton, 33.

'Ninja' fails to swipe ATMs

A man in a ninja costume tried and failed twice in two weeks in Palm Beach County, Fla.