Hip-hop struggles to gain respectability — and venues — in Columbia

Drew Wilson of Alpaca Radio works at a set for the Bluebird Music and Arts Festival on Nov. 15 at Field House. The two-day hip-hop festival featured a variety of artists at various venues throughout Columbia.

Hip-hop has an image problem. But the people in Columbia who believe in it as an art form won't let the bad publicity get in the way of the music, which they say has an important place in the community.

IndyGround puts Columbia's hip-hop artists on the map

It's not just a record label: IndyGround is the center of Columbia's hip-hop universe and an incubator for new artists.

What is hip-hop?

It has always given voice to strong emotions. Turned to positive goals, it can be a tool for change in a community, one scholar-activist says.

US Airways crash a reminder of why it's good to respect the birds

Landing an airplane in water, as one pilot did in New York on Thursday, is incredibly difficult.

This was a good week for lively community conversations

LETTER: Views on Police Department taken out of context

Citizen clarifies statement about police communications.

LETTER: The Modern Whig Party resurrects American ideals

Modern Whig Party seeks workable solutions based on common ground.

Third annual Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival announced

LETTER: Bisphenol A is safe for consumption

The material is one of the most tested substances in food today.

Rios gets life sentence for murder

Former Columbia Police Officer Steven Rios was convicted of Jesse Valencia’s murder for the first time in 2005, but that decision was overturned. He was granted a retrial in 2007.

Religious groups join the green movement

Columbia's faith community has been working to learn more about how to become better stewards of the Earth. A Care for Creation meeting on Jan. 25 will focus on weatherization.

The Green Bible

The Green Bible is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink and has a cotton-linen cover.  It's being used as a tool by Christian to get people talking about the environment.