Obama nears his moment, with musical extravaganza

President-elect Barack Obama speaks during "We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial" in Washington on Sunday.

President-elect Barack Obama prayed and honored America's fallen heroes, accompanied by large crowds and musical entertainment at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday.



Russia plays political games with natural gas

The gas dispute with the Ukraine shows that there are no easy answers to resolve the issue and that Russia is still trying to control its former territory.

Obama dominates 'King Sunday' at black churches

Martin Luther King Jr.'s words were remembered Sunday at black churches across the country. The day coincided with the excitement of the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, the first black president.

Painter had bird's-eye view of civil rights movement

Artist Robert Templeton's portraits of civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., are on display at the Mattatuck Museum Arts & History Center in Waterbury, Conn., through March 22.

Columbia seventh-graders tap into awareness of world water crisis

Thirteen-year-old Rayna Sims and about 100 of her classmates are working toward bringing awareness of the world water crisis to Columbia through a UNICEF fundraising effort known as the Tap Project. The idea is to get local businesses to encourage customers to donate $1 or more for otherwise free tap water.

UPDATE: Some Little Debbie products join snack food recall

Two kinds of peanut butter crackers will be pulled because of a potential link to a salmonella outbreak. McKee Foods joins Hy-Vee, Kellogg and others in recalling products.

Self-taught jewelry maker turns hobby into business

Whether it’s squeezing in a daily morning jog, collecting post cards or blogging online, side hobbies provide a welcome escape from the monotony of daily routines. Seven years ago, Tracy Harmon of Hallsville discovered her leisure-time distraction in making jewelry.

ANALYSIS: Missouri bipartisanship showing first cracks

There have been numerous noteworthy indications of a new spirit of cooperation among Republicans and Democrats.

Two Centertown men arrested for possessing explosives

Officials found more than 30 IEDs in two separate raids. They also found other weapons and drugs.

Kansas City struggles with bond payments

Unless the city restores credit protection on $36 million of city-backed bonds by April or pays them off with interest in five years, Wall Street's struggles will certainly damage a city budget already needing layoffs, tax hikes and salary freezes to stay balanced.

While Obama supporters party, Bush takes it easy

He parties, too, but briefly

Hispanic stars wow inaugural gala

At a pre-inauguration celebration politics and music mixed at Union Station.

Columbia group boards bus to D.C.

A group of Columbia residents is traveling together to witness Barack Obama's inauguration. Several of the travelers are former campaign volunteers, one of whom has a ticket to the ceremonies.

Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire in Gaza

Relief was expressed as Hamas and Israel declared a truce after three weeks of war, though no long-term goals have been achieved by either side.

Where to watch and celebrate the inauguration

Here is a list of events in Columbia and online to watch the Presidential Inauguration.

Asian-American political profile rising in U.S.

Asian-Americans are the country's fastest growing minority group and are increasingly becoming more involved in politics. For example, David Chiu was elected to the second most powerful position in local government in San Francisco — president of the board of supervisors.

Nixon visits busy state unemployment centers

Gov. Jay Nixon thanked employees of Employment Security for working overtime. Since July, some employees have volunteered to work overtime to process unemployment claims.

UPDATE: Jackie Joyner-Kersee's foundation cancels gala

A newspaper reported that the foundation had paid nearly a half million dollars to the Olympian's husband's foundation. He said the money was used properely.

St. Louis man charged with shooting at police

He was also wanted for questioning in two homicides and another shooting.