MU wrestling team gets big win

MU freshman Dorian Henderson's big victory helped spur a great comeback for the Missouri wrestling team, which won a dual Sunday at No. 2 Cornell. 

Obama's international impact yet to be seen

President Obama has already taken several steps toward building international relations, but some say it's still too early to tell how much his presidency will actually affect U.S. global affairs.

Columbia faithful talk about Obama

President Barack Obama spoke of many faiths in his inauguration speech. He also began his first full day in office with an interfaith prayer service. Both gestures were appreciated by many in Columbia's religious community.

City discusses partnership concerning nuclear plant

City officials explore options for meeting Columbia's future energy needs by meeting with representatives of AmerenUE. A second nuclear plant in Callaway County is being discussed.

Missouri legislators argue limitation of Sunshine Law

The Missouri House and Senate have interpreted the Sunshine Law not to apply to individual lawmakers — even though it does apply to the legislature as a whole, legislative committees and legislative staff.

Yukari Kashihara's pottery nods to her heritage

A Rocheport artist, born and raised in Osaka, Japan, brings her ceramics to Orr Street Studios, with work that fuses Japanese and American cultures.

Chinese in Columbia prepare for lunar new year celebrations

The Lunar New Year, which begins Monday, will be represented as the year of the ox, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Bill could give judges authority to alter loan terms

Congressional Democrats say the quickest way to save homeowners is to allow judges to dictate new mortgage terms, but lenders don't want to be brought to bankruptcy court.

Obama's opening week sets a new tone

President Barack Obama's first week in the White House leaves energy independence, economy and health care on the table.

U.S. Army Corps fixing Table Rock Lake site

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' campgrounds should be open by Memorial Day. The campgrounds were closed last year because of flood damage.

Israeli war against Hamas scars Gaza's children

Psychologists say Israel's three-week offensive inflicted more severe trauma than previous conflicts in Gaza because civilians in the crowded sliver of territory had no safe place to run.

To combat Obama, al-Qaida hurls insults

Al-Qaida has launched a deliberate, some say desperate, campaign against the new president now that the more polarizing George W. Bush is out of office.

Fake ID business lands Kansas man in prison

A Kansas man who was caught with fake IDs, Social Security cards and other counterfeit documents was sentenced to eight years and five months in prison.

Impeachment trial to proceed without Illinois governor

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will not attend his impeachment trial, which starts Monday. The governor, who refuses to resign from office, is scheduled to appear on "Good Morning, American," "The View" and "Larry King Live," instead of attending the trial.

Second Life meets real life recruitment

The Missouri Department of Information Technology is using the virtual world, Second Life, to hold job recruitment events.

Judge refuses conflict claim in tax fraud case

A federal judge determined that a Joplin man can pay his co-defendants' legal fees and share defense attorneys in a case concerning a 43-count federal indictment alleging multiple counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

One killed in drive-by shooting in St. Louis

A woman was killed and her husband was critically injured in the shooting on the Poplar Street Bridge.