Gleason key to Douglass' success

Brandon Gleason is scoring 19.3 points per game, is a straight-A student and also maintains a job at Truman Veterans Hospital during the season.

Douglass point guard Brandon Gleason has excelled on and off the court.

MU panel explores fulfillment of King's dream

A two-part event on Monday explored President Barack Obama's role in achieving Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and what it means for the 21st century. It also included a re-enactment of King's "I Have a Dream" speech, which drew a standing ovation.

Winter storm hits parts of Missouri

A winter weather advisory for Boone County was updated Monday night to extend to 6 p.m. Tuesday by the National Weather Service. Columbia residents can expect 1 to 3 inches of snow by Tuesday morning, according to the advisory.

Economic forecasters see more job cuts ahead

Companies announced more layoffs Monday. Other companies will lay off more workers in the months to come.

Neo-Nazi nonsense best ignored

By getting up in arms about a racist group's involvement in the Adopt-A-Highway program, we're doing nothing but giving more power and credence to people we should try to collectively ignore.

LETTER: Claims of Bisphenol-A safety are questionable

Industry-funded studies of the chemical found in hard plastics and metal food cans cannot be trusted.

LETTER: City shouldn't waste time with wind

A wind turbine farm in Boone County will not generate enough energy for Columbia.

Legislators await balanced budget, bipartisanship in State of State address

With Gov. Jay Nixon slated to present his State of the State address Tuesday evening in Jefferson City, state government leaders from both political parties are awaiting his budget and legislative recommendations.

Report: Some climate damage already irreversible

A new study finds that many harmful effects of climate change are irreversible, researchers reported Monday. Researchers also warned that even if carbon emissions can be halted, global temperatures will remain high until at least the year 3000.

UPDATE: Winter weather advisory in effect until Tuesday night

Columbia can expect 2-3 inches of snow on Monday night, according to the latest National Weather Service forcast.

Personal responsibility takes backseat in society

Americans must adopt a desire for greater individual responsibility to improve our society and avoid negative outcomes like the current economic crisis.

Olympic Gold Medalist to speak at luncheon

Win For Columbia will host its 12th Annual Awards Luncheon on Tuesday. The event will feature guest speaker, Nikki Stone, who won a gold medal at the 1998 Olympics in Japan for inverted aerial skiing.

LETTER: Stealing from handicapped son is really low

A Columbia resident expresses anger over the theft of her son's paycheck. With the loss of the money, her and her family's lifestyle is being affected.

Columbia celebrates Catholic Schools Week

The school wasted little time in putting the Catholic Schools Week's theme to work on Monday by having parents and eighth-grade student volunteers deliver meals to elderly residents in Columbia through the Meals on Wheels program.

MU scientist's research published in Science magazine

MU researcher Emma Teixeiro's work on memory T cells — published in the Jan. 23 issue of Science magazine — has important implications for improving how vaccines work.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan speaks to Boone County Democrats

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan spoke Monday at the Boone County Democratic Party annual chili supper about the inauguration of President Obama.

SWAT search turns up possible stolen property, drug paraphernalia

A search warrant served Monday afternoon by Columbia's SWAT team turned up computers that may have been stolen, as well as scales believed to be used to weigh illegal drugs, according to a release from the Columbia Police Department.

Columbia man indicted in multi-million dollar drug-trafficking case

A third Columbia man was indicted Monday in what prosecutors say is a $4 million conspiracy to distribute marijuana in Boone County.

Pre-need funeral legislation requires providers "be of good moral character"

Representatives from the funeral industry urged Senate committee members Monday to increase regulation on funeral homes and pre-need contracts in Missouri. Others offering support, including the attorney general's office, recognized the bill is a work in progress and there are concerns about some provisions. No one spoke against the bill.

Cause of fire officially declared undetermined

The cause of the fire at 4200 Rock Quarry Road on Jan. 20 is declared officially undetermined, with the possibility of electrical malfunction.