Knight's tantrum spurs discussion

Big 12 men's basketball coaches discussed the quality of officiating in the Big 12 Conference on Monday.  

Hypothetical desert island continues to captivate

Being stranded on a desert island is a scenario that has fascinated for centuries. No matter how cliché it becomes, we continue to find it irresistible. What exactly is it about the idea that so easily captures our imaginations?

New strategy gets Cougars on roll

A different look for the Columbia College men's basketball team has led to its third straight victory.

Three alleged Cut Throat gang members plead not guilty

Three of the 16 people suspected of involvement in a Columbia gang pleaded not guilty Monday. The other 13 alleged gang members are awaiting arraignment.

THE BEAT: The search for Columbia's next superintendent continues

K-12 reporter Joshua Nichol-Caddy talks to KBIA's Sean Powers about the latest developments on the search for Columbia Public School's next superintendent.

Power wheelchair soccer team promotes competitive spirit

The Driving Force wheelchair soccer team, organized it June 2008, will travel this month to its first tournament.

51,000 still without power a week after ice storm

AmerenUE is continuing work on restoring power in parts of southeast Missouri. The outages have resulted in the closing of several college campuses, as well as the establishment of emergency pet shelters.

As Congress fails to act, America must push for a new direction

In these troubling economic times, Congress needs to focus on helping the people of the U.S., working across party lines. In the future, a new party may serve as an answer to the constant power struggle between Democrats and Republicans.

Kevin Costner plays the Blue Note

Kevin Costner and his band Modern West played to a sold out crowd at the Blue Note on Monday night.

Neighborhood church property rezoned to make way for mortuary

The Columbia City Council approved a measure to rezone land on Holly Avenue to allow a funeral home to operate on the property. Some community members hope the new funeral home will fill the void left by the Warren Funeral Chapel's closing.

Senate bill would complete capital improvement projects, reduce tuition

A proposed Senate bill would channel the remaining $119 million of MOHELA funds toward only those capital improvement projects begun on or by Jan. 1, while the remaining money would be put into a tuition reduction fund.

Missouri seeks $260M from feds for jobless benefits

Projections provided Monday to the Missouri State Unemployment Council show it could take until 2015 to pay back the borrowed money.

Stars swimmers find comfort in small team

The Stephens College swimming team and its coach share a bond that not only helps them as athletes but in other aspects of their lives.

UPDATE: Missouri seeks $260 million for jobless benefits

Missouri is seeking to borrow as much as $260 million from the federal government to bail out an unemployment benefits fund that is expected to go belly up next week.

Missouri governor selects associate judge for 43rd circuit

Nixon announced the appointment Monday. The circuit covers Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb and Livingston counties.

UPDATE: Homes still without power prove toughest to restore

At the height of last week's storm, when ice and snow paralyzed the region, 127,000 customers were without power. All but about 44,000 homes and businesses in storm-whipped southern Missouri have had power restored. The homes left will be the most difficult to restore power to, say utility officials.

Changes to zoning procedures will reduce public hearings

A change in procedure that will eliminate some duplicate public hearings for rezoning and development proposals won the approval of the Columbia City Council on Monday night.

Laptops become a question of ethics in Missouri Senate

After a prolonged debate Monday in the Senate, the chamber decided to continue its ban on laptops on the chamber floor.

Man sentenced to nine years for possession, promotion of child pornography

A Columbia man was sentenced Monday in Boone County Circuit Court to a total of nine years in prison for possession and promotion of child pornography.

Mercury item collection this month

The Columbia/Boone County Health Department has launched a month-long campaign with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources urging citizens to rid their homes of items containing mercury. Long-term exposure to mercury can endanger your health.