New fire station on Green Meadows opens

Firefighter Rich Harris helps Elisha Bender, 6, down from a fire truck after an exploratory walk-through at the grand opening of Columbia Fire Station No. 7 on Sunday.

The new station, which initially caused concern from neighbors, is eco-friendly and will be surrounded by a "green space" for the neighborhood.

Fans want MU basketball team to prove it

Despite a 20-4 record, a tradition of disappointment has many Tigers fans skeptical as the men's basketball team enters tonight's game against Kansas.

MU rejoins RecycleMania competition

MU is looking to jump in the standings in RecycleMania, a national collegiate recycling competition that takes place from now until March 28.

Nonviolent elections a good sign in Iraq

Hardly any violence accompanied Iraq's elections last month.  What does this convey about the country's future?

Museums as alternate form of art education

In order to foster appreciation in the arts, Columbia schools are using museums as another means of education. Bringing art to children has become a priority for art teachers.

New MU tennis player enjoying big changes

The weather, playing on a team and even going to class are all adjustments for Danielle Day, a freshman on the Missouri tennis team from Tampa, Fla.

BOONE LIFE: A place to be a child

Coyote Hill is a professional home for abused and neglected children established 17 years ago by Larry McDaniel and his wife, who had a lifelong desire to help children. One way McDaniel and the other professionals at Coyote Hill work at relationship building is through a technique known as horse therapy where children learn to work and handle horses on their own with the guidance of a therapy professional.

Analysis: Tax credit bill needs approval from Missouri Senate

Missouri lawmakers debate the value of tax credits for businesses. A plan sailed through the House with 85 percent approval and next needs to pass through the Senate.

Ben Askren wins in MMA debut

Former Missouri wrestler Ben Askren was confident he could fight as well as he could wrestle. He was right. Saturday in Columbia, he quickly defeated his first opponent in a mixed martial arts match.

Kansas City woman charged in son's death

Police say the mother told them she believes she suffocated her 7-year-old son when she sat on his chest.

Nassau Candy peanut products recalled

Because of fears of salmonella contamination, Nassau Candy is recalling the following list of 26 peanut bulk products.

Food banks tossing peanut products

After nearly 600 people in 43 states became sick from a salmonella outbreak linked to peanut products processed in a Georgia plant, food banks were forced to toss donated food that could be contaminated. One food bank in Ohio discarded 3,500 pounds of food.

Missouri lawmakers consider new tax for 911 funding

A proposed bill would create a tax on cell phones and could consolidate call centers around the state.

Missouri counties still recovering from storm

The Jan. 26-27 ice storm destroyed entire systems of electricity across southern Missouri. Almost 17,000 people are still without electricity, and it could be weeks before it is restored.

Community colleges feel crunched by surge in students

Student enrollment at community colleges is increasing as students search for more bang for their buck. The increased tuition doesn't cover costs and state funding is decreasing.

Songwriter, singer Blossom Dearie dies at 82

Blossom Dearie had a distinctive soprano voice, performed in clubs on both sides of the Atlantic and cut some highly regarded albums. Younger generations might recognize her voice from "Schoolhouse Rock!"