Columbia students pilot aerospace simulation

More than 90 students from throughout Columbia Public Schools are spending their week doing a space simulation, assuming different roles in the program. Some participants in previous years have gone on to work for NASA, according to the program facilitator.

How do I love thee? Let me study the brain

Researchers in a relatively new field focused on explaining the biology of romantic love are finding a rather unpoetic explanation: Love mostly can be understood through brain images, hormones and genetics.

Three suspects arrested in methamphetamine bust

Sheriff's deputies arrested two Columbia residents and a Callaway County man Wednesday morning in connection with methamphetamine production, said Detective Sgt. Britt Shea of the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

Columbia churches offer divorce counseling program

Those who use the DivorceCare program at area churches said it's the feeling of understanding and caring that makes the program successful.

Winter running can be enjoyable with precaution

Avid runners and a medical expert weigh in on how to change your routine to continue running safely in winter weather.

Columbia youth council: The heirs of the NAACP

The Columbia NAACP youth council is active and recuiting again, after receiving a new charter in February. With a new board, the council plans to revive interest in activism and educate youth about their civil rights.

Legislator challenges Missouri casino revenue numbers

Rep. Ray Salva said revenue numbers put out by the Missouri Gaming Commission were fabricated to show 10 percent growth, while gambling numbers in other states are falling.

Former St. Louis County officer admits to traffic stop sexual assault

Joe Ernest Phillips pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop in 2006. Phillips, who was an auxiliary police officer in Velda City at the time, will face sentencing April 30.

Storms hit southern Missouri; low-lying roads closed

The Missouri Department of Transportation said that some roads in Wright, Ozark, Howell, Douglas and Texas counties are closed.

St. Louis unemployment office to reopen

Because of the increasingly difficult economic situation, the state is reopening the St. Louis unemployment office to deal with an influx of claims for unemployment benefits. The office will open on Feb. 23.

Hundreds in southeast Missouri seek help after ice storm

Three resource centers have opened to help those suffering from a Jan. 27 ice storm.

Dr. Charles Gehrke, researcher and businessman, dies at 91

Dr. Charles Gehrke, longtime MU professor and co-founder of ABC Labs, died Tuesday night at age 91. Dr. Gehrke is best known for pioneering automated gas chromatography and using techniques he developed to search for signs of life in moon rocks brought back by the Apollo missions.

Charles Gehrke, researcher and businessman, dies at 91

MU professor and ABC Labs co-founder Charles Gehrke died Tuesday of lymphoma.