Questions about transition face Tigers at NFL Scouting Combine

A participant is timed in a drill at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday in Indianapolis.

With football's growing number of offensive and defensive schemes, scouts have a lot of questions about each Missouri player’s ability to transition to the professional game.

Browns hire MU's Eberflus

The Cleveland Browns hired Missouri defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus as linebackers coach on Sunday.   

Crabtree to run for scouts, delay surgery

Texas Tech receiver tries to offset concern of the stress fracture in his left foot.

MU baseball team's losing streak reaches three

The MU baseball team lost both games of a double-header on Sunday. In the first game, Nevada beat the Tigers 8-4 and the Gonzaga Bulldogs beat Mizzou 13-9 in the second game.

Growing families feel the squeeze

Families that had hoped to upgrade to larger homes as their families grew are finding they need to stay put.

'Slumdog' rules Oscars with 8 prizes, best picture

Kate Winslet won best actress and Sean Penn won best actor.

ANALYSIS: Support but no money for anti-meth plan

There is no funding yet for a real-time electronic system that Missouri lawmakers promised would monitor store purchases of the key ingredients for making methamphetamine. "It's nowhere, and dead in the water," said Mike Boeger, the interim administer of the Missouri Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

BOONE LIFE: Tough loss brings team closer

The Hallsville junior varsity boys basketball team lost badly to its rival Southern Boone High of Ashland. Although the team was beaten by 33 points, the loss strengthened the team's morale.

Midway Youth Rodeo kicks up the competition

The Midway Youth Rodeo brought competitors from across the state Sunday.

Boone County Animal Control relocates offices

As early as Tuesday, Boone County Animal Control officers will be moving out of the Central Missouri Humane Society to operate directly from the Columbia/Boone County Health Department. Animals picked up by Animal Control will continue to be kenneled at the Humane Society.

Columbia residents celebrate Gospel Explosion

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department sponsored the Annual Gospel Explosion and Soul Food Dinner celebration Sunday at St. Luke United Methodist Church.

Is Hawaii next in line for civil unions?

The first state to ban same-sex marriage is now considering a bill that would legalize same-sex civil unions.

Pakistan to arm village militias in tribal territories

The government will only give rifles to "peaceful groups and individuals."

Jobless? He's got 50

Daniel Seddiqui is working a signature job in each state as part of his dream of traveling the United States.

Letter delivered 22 years later

Twenty-two years after the fact, an Oregon woman finally received an invitation  to her nephew's high school graduation in 1987. The Postal Service said the envelope could have been stuck in machinery or misrouted a few times, but because it was postmarked it had to be delivered.

New pedestrian overpass plan has skeptics

Columbia Housing Authority was surprised by GetAbout Columbia's proposal for a new pedestrian bridge over North Providence Road.

Explosion in northern China mine kills 74, injures 114

Most of the injuries were the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Driver misses animal, hits house

Claude Clark, 38 of Columbia, hit a house after swerving to avoid an animal.

AP investigation: Army charity stores up millions in reserves

The Associated Press' investigation into the Army Emergency Relief  reveals that the charity hoards hundreds of millions in reserves, while army leadership sometimes uses incentives to push soldiers to keep funding the independent non-profit.

Veggie oil fuels self-reliance

Since 2001, Golden Fuel Systems in Springfield has been converting vehicles with diesel engines to run on vegetable oil. Some Columbia residents have taken advantage of the innovation to save money on diesel.