LETTER: Post office starts recycling program

The post office in Columbia, along with post offices in Jefferson City and St. Louis, offers a program for customers to recycle their mail.

LETTER: Pre-kindergarten programs deserve bailout

Taxpayer money should go to worthy investments, like children and pre-K programs.

LETTER: Nuclear power an undesirable energy source

Missouri should follow the examples of other states and choose cleaner fuel.

Do Sun-thing: Stand up for Sunshine laws, open government

This week is national Sunshine Week, a time to ponder how average citizens can help keep the government accountable for its actions. Wake up and start giving a hoot.

GUEST COLUMN: Nuclear power can build a balanced energy portfolio in Missouri

Nuclear plants are essential in providing Missouri with consistent power and supplementing renewables like solar and wind power.

The Beat: School board candidates file fundraising numbers

Columbia Missourian reporter Ben Magnuson talks about how some of the candidates have spent their campaign contributions.

Contextual definitions are everything

Nowadays, what someone says may not always be what they mean. One has to watch out for contextual differences between phrases in order to understand today's political rhetoric.

School board candidates file fundraising numbers with county clerk

Four of the nine candidates running for two open board seats have raised a total of almost $10,000.

ANALYSIS: More power in hands of House budget chair

The ability to change the governor's annual budget proposal before it hits the legislature has given the House budget chair a strong role in Missouri's budget process.

MU's Delaney wins Big 12 softball award

Senior right-hander Stacy Delany threw a no-hitter Sunday in MU's 8-0 win against No. 15 North Carolina. Delaney also tossed a shutout on Friday against Coastal Carolina.

Today's Question: Do local benefits change your opinion of the stimulus package?

Some stimulus money will be used to build a new bridge in Columbia, but does that change your opinion of the plan?

Council appoints Parker to Water and Light Advisory Board

Five of the seven council members voted for Dick Parker. Two other candidates, Dennis Malon and Steven Tanzey, each got one vote.

Alpaca farming is a way of life for some in Boone County

Rob Long raises 75 alpacas on a 20-acre ranch in Boone County. He says alpacas are a business and a way of life.

Former Harrisburg man pleads not guilty to lesser murder charge

Gregory Warren Morton was charged in the murder of Mitchell Wayne Kemp, a Columbia man who disappeared in 2004. His remains were found in August on Deer Park Road.

Local green thumbs dig into Ash Street community garden

New and experienced gardeners gathered Sunday to get assigned plots in the Ash Street community garden, which was organized by the Community Garden Coalition. This is the third year the garden has been open to the community.

Engineering week mixes tradition, fun

Courthouse expansion delights employees

The courthouse is now home to tighter security and high-tech gadgets.

Sycamore head chef encourages friendly atmosphere

Mike Odette is not running your average kitchen. A semifinalist for a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award, the head chef at Sycamore often goes about his duties with his 15-month-old son strapped to his back.

Columbia man arrested on suspicion of meth possession

Travis Hall was also arrested Friday on an active arrest warrant.

'Today' show films sustainable living in Columbia

NBC's "Today" show filmed part of a future four-part series Saturday in Columbia. The series is on voluntary simplicity and includes the sustainable lifestyle of Bill McKelvey and Jill Lucht.