UPDATE: St. Louis mayor wins Democratic primary

Francis Slay, seeking a third term, captured nearly 61.5 percent of the vote

Stephens swimmers visualize success

The Stephens College swimming team is using visualization exercises to prepare for the 2009 NAIA Swimming and Diving National Championships on Wednesday through Saturday at the Rec-Plex in St. Peters.

Missouri House committee considers early voting

The legislation would allow voters to cast their ballots three weeks in advance during federal elections.

St. Louis voters to go to the polls

A light turnout is expected to cast ballots for mayor, comptroller and aldermen in odd-numbered wards.

Suit says school employee punctured student's eardrum

Former St. Joseph School District employee Courtney Rollett is accused of bursting a mentally disabled student's eardrum with the needle of a basketball pump.

Kansas City Chiefs add two new coaches

The Chiefs on Tuesday made Ronnie Bradford their new defensive assistant and Nick Sirianni an offensive quality control coach.

13 former FEMA trailers in Missouri are contaminated

Trailers that had high formaldehyde levels were supposed to be sold for scrap, but resurfaced in Jefferson County where they were offered as housing in recent weeks.

Douglass wins opener in district boys basketball tournament

The Douglass boys basketball team upset Fayette 80-72 on Tuesday night in the Class 2 District 13 tournament in Sturgeon.

Sen. Kit Bond to receive Truman award

Sen. Kit Bond will join the ranks of President Gerald Ford, television journalist Walter Cronkite and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who also have received the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award.

Missouri House committee approves power plant legislation

The committee approved the legislation after adding changes to increase consumer protection. The bill was designed to help AmerenUE build a second nuclear power plant.

UPDATE: Missouri House panel considers early voting

The Missouri House heard arguments today in favor of a two-week period for early voting. Early voting would cost the state for an unnecessary convienence, critics countered.

UPDATE: Contaminated FEMA trailers were mislabeled

An error between agencies led to 13 formaldehyde-ridden trailers being mistaken for legitimate housing. They have all been identified and and are now being sold for scrap.

Florida woman calls 911 three times over McNuggets

A Florida woman became angry after McDonald's ran out of chicken McNuggets and called 911. Again. And again.

New York appeals court denies parents son's sperm

A New York state appeals court ruled that the parents of a man who died of cancer cannot use his preserved sperm to artificially inseminate a surrogate mother so they could have a grandchild.

Bulldogs depending on Cassil

Since senior Steven Sibley was dismissed from the team, junior Tanner Cassil has played a more integral role on the Douglass boys basketball team.

Booze and bullets could be a recipe for disaster in Tennessee

A bill passed by a Tennessee House committee would allow people to carry concealed weapons in alcohol-serving restaurants until 11 p.m. There are obvious dangers, and there’s little, if any, justification to account for the potential cost.

LETTER: Nonsmokers unite in war on secondhand smoke

Columbia's bars and restaurants have already banned smoking. But one MU student sees the university campus as the newest battleground in what he sees as a war between nonsmokers and who he calls "the Marlboro Men."

The Beat: Visiting incoming superintendent Chris Belcher

Reporters Amanda Branco and Joshua Nichol-Caddy talk about their recent visit to Kearney and how the town's residents are reacting to Belcher's recently announced move to Columbia.

The Beat: How changes to a bond issue could affect the new high school

K-12 editor Liz Brixey talks about the construction plan and provides an update on next month's school board race.

Social Security chief hopeful on solvency

Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue said that Social Security is not as dire of a situation as many in the public seem to believe. He said the economic situation is of a higher priority for the Obama administration right now, but that he hopes the administration will address the solvency issue before the 2012 elections.