Today's Question: Should raw milk distribution be regulated?

Raw milk, which isn't pasteurized or homogenized like milk bought in stores, has its proponents and critics. Some believe the processes store-bought milk goes through kills important nutrients, while the Missouri Health Department last year said it isn't better for children to consume. The state does not regulate raw milk distribution out of individuals' homes. Should that change?

Buying newspaper stock a pledge, not an investment

Investing in newspaper companies might not pull in the big bucks, but it helps show confidence and optimism for the future of journalism.

UPDATE: Man in stable condition after city bus strikes car

A male victim was taken to University Hospital with non-life threatening Thursday evening after an accident involving a City of Columbia Transit bus.

LETTER: Rod Robison is dedicated to Columbia

Rod Robison's volunteerism and emphases on bolstering business and public safety are two reasons to support the Sixth Ward City Council candidate.

LETTER: Rod Robison lacks experience to be on City Council

The Sixth Ward candidate has not served on any city or county boards, commissions, committees, advisory organizations or even his own neighborhood association.

LETTER: Hoppe is good for business

While businesses are important to Columbia's growth, the community's appearance is also a contributor.

LETTER: McCaskill right to support country of origin labeling

Sen. Claire McCaskill has the right idea in liking the Country of Origin Labeling Law and being against the National Animal Identification System, which she says places a significant and unjustified burden on independent producers.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe has helped make Columbia a better place

Sixth Ward incumbent Barbara Hoppe has done a good job in the areas of community and transportation development, helping the council better utilize its boards and commissions and working well with neighborhoods.

LETTER: Rod Robison will bring balance to City Council

Robison is endorsed by the Police Officers Association.

LETTER: It's time to get to work

The presidential campaign, parties, parades and celebrations are over. It's time to get to work.

LETTER: Community will be hurt without Health Connection

The Health Connection is closing because of budget constraints, but some are willing to pay extra to keep it open. 

Missouri crop projections surprise economists

The United States Department of Agriculture expects Missouri farmers to lead the nation with the highest percentage increase of corn planted this year.

Police, Oversight Committee discuss first draft of review board ordinance

Members of the Citizen Oversight Committee and the Columbia Police Department met Wednesday to work on a draft of an ordinance that would create an external review board of the Police Department, one of the final steps of the committee, which was created to decide whether the department needed official citizen review.

LETTER: Sen. Schaefer leads way in making Callaway 2 a reality

Measure would create 3,000 jobs and protect consumers from rate increases.

ANALYSIS: Obama's new tobacco tax burdens poor, breaks promise

By raising the tobacco tax by nearly 62 cents per cigarette pack, Obama is burdening the low- and middle-income citizens despite promising not to raise their taxes. The tobacco tax will be used to finance a major expansion of health insurance for children.

Tobacco tax increase could hurt cigar manufacturers

A new federal tax on cigars would help fund a health insurance program for low-income children. But it's tobacco manufacturers and consumers who will be picking up the tab.

USS Missouri: What others are saying

Here's what others are saying about the USS Missouri and Virginia-class submarines.

Tobacco tax: What others are saying

Here's what other publications are saying about the tobacco tax increase.

Missouri House approves transferring mental health center's ownership to MU

The bill, which would transfer ownership of the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center to MU, now goes to the Missouri Senate. With approval, the hospital stands to receive $2,700 a day per bed in federal reimbursements as a teaching hospital on campus. That figure currently is $300.

Spring break hurts Rock Bridge soccer team

Missed practices during spring break showed in the Rock Bridge girls soccer team's 2-0 loss to Rolla on Thursday night in its season opener.