Sales tax exemption continues through Saturday

Missourians buying Energy-Star appliances will be exempt from state sales tax through Saturday.

Extra help for young refugee students at Grant

Retired English professor Doug Hunt finds "moral clarity" in tutoring refugees at Grant Elementary School.

Artist's exhibit offers perspective on water and air systems

“I wanted to represent blue-collar workers, labor unions and the people who work with these systems outside of the art world,” Matt Moyer said. “I hope this work serves as a reminder that clean water and clean air don't just happen in our urban infrastructures but are facilitated by these machines, systems and the people who install and maintain them.”

Video conference to discuss public school dropouts

About 600 educators and community leaders in 21 locations around the state will exchange ideas Monday.

Exxon Mobil replaces Walmart as biggest earner

Exxon Mobil replaces No. 2 Walmart atop the Fortune 500 list in total revenue. Chevron, ConocoPhillips and General Electric round out the top five.

Carthage residents experience mixed feelings about smelly plant closing

Renewable Environmental Solutions was forced to close its plant in Carthage that converted turkey guts, bones and feathers into diesel fuel after it filed for bankruptcy. Fifty residents lost their jobs at the plant that has been investigated by state leaders several times after Carthage residents complained about the smell the plant produced that was, " bad that it would buckle your knees," according to mayor Jim Woestman.

In the end, redesigned hospital gowns could make patients happier

A North Carolina State University research team is designing a new hospital gown, one that is less revealing than ones currently used.

Lawyer of Clemson student killer says witness harassed

Defense attorney Jim Bannister claimed the prosecution has tried to scare off an expert witness in the case. Prosecutors said the witness was practicing social work without a license.

Reservist who refused deployment faces hearing

Matthis Chiroux, 25, could lose certain military benefits if he receives a general or other-than-honorable discharge. He would lose all benefits if he receives a dishonorable discharge.

Stock up now — stamp price to rise May 11

Six different mail rates are set to increase next month. There have been more stamp price hikes by the U.S. Postal Service in this decade than any other.

A.G. Edwards CEO from St. Louis dies

Benjamin Edwards III expanded a St. Louis brokerage firm nationally, and was active with the St. Louis United Way and the St. Louis School District.