Independence police catch one suspect in building fire

Independence police say they have apprehended one of two burglary suspects believed to have holed up in a medical building that burned overnight. Police do not know the fate of the second suspect, who might still be inside the burned-out structure.

City wants help with new animal control rules

City officials are inviting residents to help guide the drafting of a possible new ordinance aimed at reducing the city's population of unwanted animals Wednesday night.

Mom suspected of driving off without her fighting children

A White Plains mother pulled over and left her fighting 10- and 12-year-old daughters on the side of the road 3 miles from their home. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of child endangermentMonday.

Cole County Judge upholds wording for Missouri abortion initiative

Cole County Judge Patricia Joyce agreed with the wording for an iniative aimed at passing a constitutional amendment that would bar public funds for abortion services and types of stem cell research. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, who drafts the wording for ballot iniatives, came under fire from both supporters and opponents of the bill for not using their word suggestions in the ballot summary.

Missouri House endorses bill that would cut state income taxes

The proposed bill lowers income tax rates for middle-income earners and raises some deductions. Sponsor Rep. Scott Lipke, R-Jackson, said though the bill could reduce state revenue by $180 to $360 million, it will stimulate the economy and increase spending.

AmerenUE utility bill losing time in current legislative session

St. Louis-based AmerenUE has considered building another reactor in mid-Missouri, but talks in the Missouri legislature regarding the issue have stalled. The bill would repeal a current law prohibiting a utility from charging customers before they received power from the reactor. Supporters say it's unlikely the three weeks left in the legislative session would allow enough time for the bill to pass.

Clemson student's killer asks judge for death sentence

Jerry Buck Inman, who confessed to the rape and murder of Clemson University student Tiffany Souers, argued he is too violent for rehabilitation.

Dominican Republic judge asks officials to ban odd names

A proposal submitted by a Dominican Republic judge suggests the country should ban names that are confusing, gender-neutral, vulgar, longer than three words or those that are difficult to pronounce. The Central Election Commission is expected to consider the proposal, although it rejected a similar proposal submitted two years ago.