The Beat: MAP testing program replaced

Columbia Missourian reporter Kim Tran talks about the new exams and what students have to say about the change.

LETTER: Are concealed weapons allowed in the House?

Missouri citizens voted against concealed weapons and state legistlators shouldn't overturn the outcome of that referendum. After all, are concealed weapons allowed in the House chamber of the state capital building? If not, why not?

Swine flu Q&A

Here are questions and answers regarding the spread, prevention and treatment of swine flu.

Hickman soccer team loses

The Hickman girls’ soccer team lost 2-0 to St. Dominic on Monday evening at a tournament in O'Fallon.

Rock Bridge golfers second at invitational

The Rock Bridge boys golf team placed second in Monday's Capital City Invitational Tournament at the Meadowlake Country Club in Jefferson City, while Hickman tied for seventh.

Columbia churches create more expressive services for members

Contemporary services and blended services, combining old and new worship styles, have been introduced in local churches to allow congregation members to choose which style best suits their spiritual side.

Columbia's landfill receives OK to use bioreactor technology

City officials said the technology puts Columbia at the top of the landfill innovation pile.

Federal funding for Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at stake after House dispute

House Rules Committee Democrats walked out of a committee meeting after a heated dispute over procedure opened a rift between them and Republicans.

Columbia couples slow to use domestic registry

Only seven couples have registered with the city as domestic partners since it was established three weeks ago.

The salvation of Josh Kezer

Convicted in 1994 for the murder of a 19-year-old nursing student, Josh Kezer's exoneration two months ago was only the second part of what he considers his salvation.

Missouri House backs secret union balloting

House Democrats, many of whom are union members, fear it will "bust" labor unions.

WHO raises pandemic alert; Mexico deaths climb

Mexico's government is still not sure how many deaths can be directly atributed to swine flu.

Boone Life: Cleaning out the closets for cash and more

A garage sale proves a great way to get some extra cash and spend quality time with family.

WHO raises alert level on swine flu

The World Health Organization raised its alert level on swine flu, categorizing it as a disease easily spread through human to human contact. Officials from countries around the world are unveiling their plans to help prevent outbreaks of the disease in their respective countries.

US responding as if swine flu will be pandemic

While urging calm, government agencies are taking steps to prevent the spread of swine flu, including discouraging travel to Mexico.

MU chancellor says health officials monitoring swine flu

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said campus health officials are already making plans for any action that may be necessary in relation to the possible health crisis.

Shelter makes plans for million-dollar makeover

The Central Missouri Humane Society begins plans for its recent makeover contest win.

Four taken to hospital after T-bone accident

Four people were injured in a T-bone accident at the intersection of U.S. 63 and state Highway CC on Saturday afternoon, according to a Boone County Fire Protection District news release.

Columbia receives Missouri's first bioreactor permit

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given Columbia the go-ahead to operate its landfill as a bioreactor, according to a City of Columbia news release. Columbia's landfill is the first in Missouri and one of only 10 in the nation to utilize bioreactor technology for the disposal of trash, the release states.

Children at Stephens learn to help the planet

Stephens College Children's School is hosting a Community Clean-Up day Wednesday to encourage young students to learn about the importance of cleaning up the community and promoting a healthy planet.