Robison hopes "balance" campaign will earn him a council seat

He built his platform around the idea that if the council can solve economic problems within Columbia, its public safety issues will solve themselves.

Hoppe ready to invest another three years

After 10 years of intense committment to communtity service, Barbara Hoppe is hoping to continue donating her time with a second term as the Sixth Ward councilwoman.

Money shortfall closes MU Center for the Literary Arts

The center, which has helped bring in writers and artists to support MU's creative writing program, is being closed because of budget cuts. Some of that budget money is being directed into MU's Creative Writing Program. Despite the center's closure, the Missouri Playwrights Workshop still plans on welcoming visiting artists in the future.

Coalition asks Columbia police to suspend Taser use

The Coalition to Control Tasers is asking the City Council to suspend the Columbia Police Department's use of Tasers for 30 days. They also want to create a public forum to allow citizens to discuss concerns about Tasers with the police.

Rise in cigarette prices elicits mixed feelings

A 62-cent federal tax increase on cigarettes that went into effect April 1 has some smokers thinking April may be a good time to kick the habit.

USS Missouri officers visit MU to establish ship, school relationship

Three officers of the USS Missouri, a submarine currently under construction in Groton, Conn., visited MU on Wednesday to establish a relationship with the ship's namesake. The submarine will carry special operation teams and possess touch screen controls.

Court declines to hear Ferguson’s appeal

Missouri Western District Court of Appeals declines to hear one of Ryan Ferguson's appeals of his 2005 second-degree murder and first-degree robbery convictions.

Dr. Drew talks love, sex with an 'honest audience'

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Love Line" and the VH1 shows "Sober House" and "Celebrity Rehab," spoke at MU on Wednesday night about sex, love, dating and relationships.

Winston chimp shooting and puppy mill: What others are saying

Here's what other publications have to say about the chimp's death and the puppy mill's discovery.

UPDATE: Autism insurance bill unlikely to pass in 2009

After being sent back to its originating committee, a bill that would mandate insurance coverage for autistic children is unlikely to be considered again because of a backlog of bills to be reviewed before the General Assembly adjourns May 15.

Missouri Senate budget writers endorse $146 million health care expansion

About 35,000 custodial parents would benefit from the proposed health care plan. The legislation needs another Senate vote to move to the House.

UPDATE: Missouri legislature cuts e-mail archive funding

Gov. Jay Nixon's office will continue to archive its e-mails despite the fact that state lawmakers have cut funding for the program.

Monsanto profit slips despite jump in seed sales

The seed maker, based in St. Louis, announced a 3.2 percent drop in quarterly profit ending Feb. 28. However, Monsanto saw a revenue increase over last year of 8.3 percent. The Missouri legislature has proposed a tax credit that might place a planned Monsanto expansion in state.

State lawmakers cut funding for e-mail saving system

Gov. Nixon recommended the system be expanded but House and Senate committees cut it out of the budget.

Missouri Senate OKs six Nixon appointees

Spots in various state offices were filled Thursday as state senators cofirmed six of Gov. Jay Nixon's appointments.

Autism insurance bill hung up in Missoui Legislature

The Missouri House Rules Committee sent a bill, which would require insurance coverage of autism, back to its original committee Thursday and it will not make it back to the house floor by the time the legislative session ends in May.

Briggs & Stratton announces 114 layoffs at Poplar Bluff plant

The company says demand for its products is down and retailers are trying to reduce inventory. Despite the layoffs, hirings are expected in the fall, according to the plant manager. Briggs & Stratton is the largest employer in the Poplar Bluff region.

Missouri sees nation's No. 2 increase in new jobless claims

For the week ending March 21, Missouri had the nation's second-highest number of new unemployment claims, behind California. The 669,000 claims nationwide was the highest total in more than 26 years. The Labor Department expects to show in an upcoming report America's unemployment increased to 8.5 percent at the end of March.

Winston deputies shoot rampaging chimp, then find puppy mill

Winston's Sheriff Department discovered a squalid, unlicensed puppy mill after responding to and shooting a rampaging chimpanzee. The mill, run by the chimp's owners, held an estimated 100 to 200 small-breed dogs. Only 13 dogs and two cats were recovered.

Whiteman Air Force Base loses bid for Global Strike Command

The Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana was chosen over other bases for the home of the Air Force's Global Strike Command.