States consider 'Silver Alerts' for missing adults

The system — modeled on Amber Alerts — notifies the public when cognitively impaired adults are missing, and it's already been adopted in Missouri and 14 other states. A measure to set up a national Silver Alert awaits approval by the U.S. Senate.

Jasper County reports four whooping cough cases

The Health Department is investigating four other cases.

Probation sought in MySpace hoax case

The defense attorney in the MySpace case related to the suicide of Megan Meier of O'Fallon asked a Los Angeles judge for probation and a fine as punishment. The lawyer said the defendant cannot afford to pay a fine larger than $5,000.

Loyalists, bargain hunters, skeptics look to buy Chrysler vehicles

After filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday, Chrysler hopes to reemerge within 30 days. The car company has had a range of shoppers, some of whom are encouraged by President Barack Obama's pledge the government will back warranties issued by the company.

Illinois woman settles suit over son's stun gun death

Rita Cummings settled a wrongful death lawsuit that she filed when her son, Roger Holyfield, died after being shocked with a stun gun by Illinois police in 2006.