Lawsuit filed in bus crash that killed gospel star

Missouri Supreme Court says car dealership owes taxes

The Supreme Court upheld a ruling from last year that found a Missouri car dealership owed $82,000 in back taxes and interest for not paying Missouri's corporate income tax on vehicles sold to residents of other states.

Kansas cemetery offering eco-friendly burials

A cemetery in Lawrence, Kan., is jumping on the "green burial" trend. The first plot has been sold in a city-owned cemetery that offers a chance to be buried without being embalmed, in a biodegradable casket, with no concrete grave liner or a traditional cut or polished headstone.

Ceiling caves in during PTA fundraiser in Springfield

No one was injured when a 50-foot portion of ceiling collapsed during a fundraiser at a Springfield elementary school late Tuesday afternoon.

Missouri man flees police, shoots self

The central Missouri man allegedly made threats to an Osage County Courthouse official before leading authorities on a high-speed chase and shooting himself.

Cap on tipped worker wages stalls in Missouri Senate

Voters approved a 2006 ballot measure to adjust the state's minimum wage annually for inflation but senators debated the legislation Tuesday to stop automatic increases in the mandated minimum pay for tipped workers.

Search continues for missing Arcadia 3-year-old

Despite finding 3-year-old Joshua Childers's tennis shoe, rescue workers were still unable to locate the boy who went missing Monday.