LETTER: Time to deal with health care problem

A single-payer system should be a part of the discussion on health care reform.

Concealed-carry permit listings should be public record

With seven states issuing proposals to remove concealed-carry permits as public record, the public should consider the benefits of keeping them available. Keeping the records public may have some regulations for protection, but having the information available is more helpful than keeping it secret.

Today's Question: Teacher salary debate likely to heat up again

Interim superintendent Jim Ritter is asking for a 1 percent raise for teachers, even as the district might need to borrow money to meet payroll. Should the Columbia Public Schools approve a raise for teachers if the district might have to borrow money to pay for the increase?

MU prepares for commencement

Campus Facilities starts in January to prep Francis Quadrangle for graduation. The 650 employees of Campus Facilities work to make sure the area is picture perfect for commencement.

Missouri House approves health care provider taxes

Missouri has finally found a way to draw more federal Medicaid money. The bill that places a tax on health care providers passed through the Missouri House on Monday. If it is approved by Gov. Jay Nixon, the money from the taxes will be used to increase the federal Medicaid money coming in.

MU student in China diagnosed with swine flu

A geology student from MU has been confirmed to have H1N1 flu strain. He is currently in mainland China and is the first case of swine flu there.

Thousands in Missouri still without power

Power outages remain in southern Missouri after Friday's storms. 

BOONE LIFE: Racing fan mows his support

Going along Highway H on the way to the Columbia Regional Airport, one may notice an enormous number 99 – two digits familiar to racing fans around the country especially those in Boone County.

Deer euthanized after it was injured at Kansas City airport

A deer ran into Kansas City International Airport early Monday morning. It eventually ran into an office, where officers from Kansas City Animal Control and Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services tranquilized, and later euthanized, it.

MU students find difficulties adjusting to new student center

Substituting the Student Center for Brady Commons has disappointed many MU students, who say they miss the open spaces that they used to hang out in. Lounge space is available in the new building, though it's not widely publicized.

Far from waiting in the wings, award-winning MU dramaturg seizes his role

Behind good theater is a good dramaturg, a person who helps inform the production with historical insight and advice. MU has a nationally award-winning one: doctoral student Andy Pierce.

Analysis: Missouri university deal naturally fulfilled

Gov. Jay Nixon has boasted about a deal in which colleges and universities hold tuition flat in exchange for avoiding budget cuts. Colleges and universities would've likely not received funding cuts for the 2009-2010 school year due to federal law.

Probe sought into phone spam companies selling vehicle warranties

A lot of these companies are based in the St. Louis area. The St. Louis Better Business Bureau receives numerous complaints about the companies every month.

MU student first swine flu case on mainland China

A student who was recently studying at MU has been confirmed as mainland China's first case of the swine flu. The student, who left Missouri on Thursday, is in stable condition.

Drunk driver corrects course

Sarah Panzau,27, travels to schools across the country to share her story from a night of drunk driving, which nearly killed her. Panzau now works for Anheuser-Busch's Corporate Social Responsibility Department, who pays her a salary and covers her travel expenses so she can speak to students.

Swine flu spreads in world; Mexico reopens schools

The virus has been reported in 30 countries, four of which claim swine flu has caused death.

MU professor named University of Wyoming law school dean

Stephen Easton will wrap up ten years of teaching at MU and start at Wyoming on July 1.